Friday, June 25, 2004

Justin loves sleeping with Junior. He pulls him over.... Posted by Hello

I have a mixing bowl over my face Posted by Hello

"Somehow I'm supposed to make this hit that and then it will make a noise...." Posted by Hello

I was helping mama feed me my squash. YUMMY! Posted by Hello

My sisters were trying to make me go to sleep, but I didn't want to sleep. Posted by Hello

"I was crawling under the futon couch" Posted by Hello

I think the book was just a little bit bigger than Justin Posted by Hello

Here he is playing with the entertained him for a good 15 minutes...He LOVED all the different sounds. Posted by Hello

Climbing on the coffee table... Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Jasmine, Justin, Ezekiel, Haeley, Melanie and Summer...not the best picture of me....but OH WELL! Posted by Hello

Daniel and Ezekiel---Bradley and Justin Posted by Hello

Daddy and Justin Posted by Hello

Gabe and his tongue! Posted by Hello

Uncle Daniel smashed the cupcake on me. Posted by Hello

Gabe was having "happy birthday" blown to him on a kazoo. Posted by Hello

"Uncle Daniel told me to eat it like this" Posted by Hello

I'm eating a lemon Posted by Hello

Bradley and Jasmine are in orange, Melanie and Gabe are in blue Posted by Hello

Hi there Posted by Hello

Justin and Ezekiel sleep with all the noise around them. Posted by Hello

Daniel and Haeley in the Go Karts Posted by Hello

Zeke has pinned me down Posted by Hello

There are five months between us Posted by Hello

"Nothing to worry about, I'm just chewing on Zeke's head." Posted by Hello

Lucca and Justin Posted by Hello