Friday, November 14, 2008

Wordle me.

My friend Ainsley over at ChattahoocheeMama introduced me to Wordle today. I guess it takes the words that are on your blog and puts them in a random placement and whichever words you use the most are the largest. So, here's mine: =)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Saturday night at supper Brad was getting ready to pray and Benjamin said, "No Daddy, I pray." So Brad let him. Benjamin's prayer went like this:

"Thank you Jesus for the food......and.....thank you for dying on the cross. AMEN!"

I about cried listening to him. It was so sweet and special. It was one of those moments when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are doing something right. My sweet little boy.

Technology is grand!

Saturday afternoon and evening provided us with so much fun! John and Erin hooked up their webcam and we got to have online chats with them and see my nephew Joshua too! It was great. Joshua is the cutest little thing and they are such a good looking family. God has blessed me so much with my family. Jenn didn't want to be left out so she hit up Yahoo Messenger and we got to have a chat with her too. The girls sat and talked with Jenn for quite some time. I loved getting to watch them talk to their aunt. Later that evening I decided to get Melissa, my sister in law, in on the chat action. It was so much fun! Brad, Haeley, Justin and I got to talk to Melissa for a bit. Then it was off to bed for the kids.

Brad has bought some movies a couple weeks ago that we needed to review before letting the kids watch. We put on the first one, "Happily N'ever After". We watched it for about 15 minutes---if even that. Within the first minute of the movie we both said no because of how seductively they had one of the cartoon characters. It was bad. We turned it off and chucked it in the trash can. Then we put on Dr. Doolittle 3 (I think). It was cute and we gave it a yes. The kids loved it when they watched it today!!!!

Morning with my girls!

Saturday morning Brad took the boys to Karate and to get hair cuts and the girls and I split too! We had a really good time. We started our trip at Meijer because they are now selling Webkinz and I wanted to see how much they were there. On sale they are 12.99 which isn't too terrible. But the girls and I made a discovery that was a great teaching moment. You see, we were looking though all the Webkinz and found that people had been stealing the online codes off of them. We found over 20 Webkinz where the codes had been pulled or clipped off. The girls were appalled---as was I. One of them said, "Mommy, we need to tell the people who work here." So we did. And the gal says, "Yeah, we know. We moved them to this other display because of that." I then asked, "Well, what is management doing?" She says, "They are trying to keep an eye out, but they are still going to sell the ones without codes. Those just get marked down."

Haeley and Jasmine couldn't believe it! They both kept asking the same question, "Mommy, why don't they just buy them? Why do people have to steal them?" I had a really hard time answering them, because I honestly don't know why people steal. But I did tell them, "Girls, it boils down to this---the Bible tell us that men's hearts are evil. Sin is why these people are stealing. No matter how you look at it, they are stealing and that is wrong." They talked about this for quite some time after!

After Meijer we headed to Starbucks. Yes, I know. You are surprised. ME? At Starbucks? Never! ;) The girls got Peppermint Hot Chocolate and I had a Venti Nonfat Misto with 2 pumps of sugar free Hazelnut. =) It was oh so yummy! I wanted to go and get my eyebrows waxed after this, but we were running out of time so to Kroger we went! I *hate* grocery shopping. But what I hate more than grocery shopping, it's grocery shopping on Saturday. Grrrr! However, it was either grocery shop or we don't eat...I suppose grocery shopping was the thing to do. The girls were great through the store and they enjoyed it too. I forgot that Saturday was Kroger's holiday kick off day. There were sample tables all over the place. The girls had fruit, crackers, egg nog, chocolate covered cherries, cookies, ham....they loved it! And I got almost everything I needed. The store was PACKED! By the end of the trip I stood in line and as I remembered things I forgot I sent the girls after them. I still wound up standing in line for a solid 15 minutes though.

I relished the time that I got to have with just the girls. It's been a long time since just the 3 of us have gotten to do anything. I think we need to make that more of a priority.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I can't think of a title....

I heart DonnaYoung. I now have a word processing program that is worth something! AND, I have a whole set up for grades, attendance, lesson plans...the whole nine yards. All from DonnaYoung. I've been trying to figure out what I was going to do for quite some time and I'm *thrilled* that I've found something.

Benjamin has been sick for the past two weeks. He's had a cold and I've just dealt with that because it is the time of year for colds. But Monday night he started having drainage from his left eye. I figured it was sinus-y. Then on Tuesday he decided to spike a 104.7 fever! I got a hold of the doctor and she told me to try and keep it down the Tylenol and Motrin until morning. She said, if I couldn't keep it down or if he started complaining of his head hurting or if he started throwing up to take him straight to the ER. I was a little on edge, but knew thing would be okay. Yesterday morning we went in and saw Dr. Hensley and she checked him out and said that he indeed had a sinus infection. He's on augmenten but he's still got fever whenever the Motrin or Tylenol wears off. And I have to hide the augmenten in chocolate milk, because he doesn't like it otherwise. Little booger!

I'm going to hit the sack, but I'll update more tomorrow. G'nite!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This is one if those elections that will change our nation period. Go Vote. Let your voice be heard.