Thursday, April 26, 2012

Choosing Curriculum Creates Craziness

ACK!!!  It's that time of year and I want to pull my hair out.  I really think pulling it out one strand at a time would create less of a headache than trying to figure out what to use next year for my kiddos.  I am confident *think* I might have some things figured out.  Maybe.  Possibly.  Or not.  

My mind is all jumbled up.  I keep trying to write coherently and all I can think of is: Apologia, Paths of Exploration, Notgrass, Real Science 4 Kids, Christian Light Publications, Saxon Math....and it continues. Then, once I "decide" on something I have to go to the all knowing guru, Cathy Duffy, and see what she has to say about my choice.  What am I doing to myself?!  Just when I think I've found what I want I see or hear of something else that might work too.  I need to remember, K.I.S.S....Keep it simple Stupid.  :)  

I want next year to be our best yet.  I want my kids to enjoy school.  I want to make a schedule and stick to it.  I want to find a co-op that I can reasonably pull off---financially, time commitments, and age ranges of my babies.  (Will I ever stop referring to them as my babies?  Probably not.)  

Right now I want a dinner fairy to come and cook for me and my family tonight, but since that is unlikely I guess I need to run.  :)  What curriculum issues are ailing you?

BTW, I can't add the promised picture until I delete stuff from my hard drive.  Apparently my hard drive is full.....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finding joy in the small things

This economy has hit just about everyone I know.  And it's a little more difficult when it hits your own checkbook, right?  We have definitely been in better financial times, but even so we are making things work and finding ways to be creative.  The past several days I have been *extremely* down when it comes to where things stand for us.  I've doubted God's hand in our finances and other things---which I know is not the right place to be in.

This morning I was talking to my SIL when the phone beeped with a call from "Verizon" I answered and it was a recording telling me that we have been getting overcharged and within the next 2-3 billing cycles we should see a credit on our account.  I have no clue how much this credit will be, but I'm so thankful.  The call could not have come in at a better time.  It lifted my spirits and reminded me that God is in control even when I don't "see" it.  I needed that.

Yesterday He used my girlfriend, Sarah and her husband.  I got a package in the mail and it was a beautiful plaque that Chad had made with his CNC machine of all of our names.  It is beautiful and will forever be cherished.  (I'll post a picture tomorrow)

How blessed I am to have a God, family, and friends that love me and are always here for me.  How has God shown Himself to you in your life lately?

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Hundred More Years

I know not everyone loves Francesca Batistelli like I do, but this video and song *might* change your mind a little.  It is just a sweet song and I had the privilege of seeing her in concert in October of 2011 at the Extraordinary Women Conference in Lynchburg, VA.  She was amazing!  :)  Enjoy---l

So.....what did you think????