Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Anniversary

I really have the best kids and husband. I’m so blessed by my family. :) I awoke to a breakfast prepared by my kiddos. I had gone to the store the day before and got frozen waffles, french toast, muffins, coffee cake, and bacon. I figured the kids could decide what to bring. Little did I know, they were planning on bringing me all of those!!! AND a cup of coffee! I discovered that my kids do not know that when something is frozen you have to hit the frozen setting on the toaster or it won’t cook all the way through. Hrmf. I did eat the bacon, coffee cake, and some of the others. French toast that is not heated all the way through is just plain nasty!! I loved their thoughtfulness and although I was awake the whole time they were downstairs preparing my breakfast, I pretended to be asleep when they came in my room. Jasmine made me the sweetest card too!

Then.....I went downstairs to find my “spa” awaiting me. I had a mini-pedicure. Haely and J.T. washed my feet and then all five of them painted two toenails each. After my toenails dried, I was treated to an 8 minute massage. Gabe and J.T. were over the massage pretty early on, but my other 3 darlings kept with it. It was a definite treat!

After my spa, it was my turn to treat the kids. :) We went to the bank and traded our change jar in for cash---we had $63! Then we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and games. I was the reigning champ on the highest amount of tickets collected. I traded my 150 tickets in for 5 mini tootsie roll lollipops, and 5 tootsie rolls. The kids had fun and to tell the truth, so did I! It’s fun getting to be a kid again.

We got home and later in the evening, I had a package arrive from my husband. He sent me chocolate dipped apples and strawberries. I was so excited to open it up. My excitement dropped when I opened the box only to see the chocolate was melted and it looked like someone had just thrown this all over the place. It was disappointing. I’m not one to call customer service and complain, but in this case I did---it paid off too! Tomorrow I should have another box arriving. I hope this one turns out better. Brad comes home for a long weekend Thursday night---we should be able to enjoy the fruit together.

Happy Anniversary Baby

Bradley. My Love. Next to Jesus, you and you alone are the best thing that has happened to me. Thank you for calling me that fateful April Saturday. Thank you for taking me in all my faults and loving me just the same. Thank you for this journey you are taking me on. Eight years ago I pledged my heart to you and you will always be the keeper of my love. We have a beautiful family and I am blessed and honored to be called your wife. We’ve got something special Baby. I love you.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So Long Ago...

Where has the time gone. This picture was taken in April of 2004. J.T. was about 4 1/2 months old and such a cutie! He’s still a cutie, but no longer so little. He will be SEVEN in December and I can’t figure out where the time has gone. He wants an electric guitar for his birthday. He also wants an acoustic guitar and drums. He is having this dream of having his own band and playing everything! He has set up paint cans and a couple bongo type drums that we have and he sits there and jams. Prince Charming told him he can get an electric guitar for his birthday. Oh me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

And I think to myself

...What a wonderful world...

Okay, maybe not a wonderful world necessarily, but definitely a wonderful day. We got up this morning and I made a hasty decision---it’s our last fall in Indiana, so we are making the best of it. In 25 minutes I had the kids and myself ready (coffee included) and we headed out to the parade for the Heritage Festival.

The parade started at 10, we got there around 10:15 which wasn’t bad because we went to the end of the parade and got to see everything. Once we got there, I realized I forgot bags for the candy. The kids were wearing hoodies and decided that the pockets would work for their candy---and they did for about 10 minutes. After their pockets were full they started shoving candy in their hoods. Thankfully, a man came by with some plastic bags and the kids were able to empty their pockets and hoods into the bags. :)

I am such an emotional fool lately and today was no different. The parade started with a bunch of motorcyclists. They had their flags flying high and the lead guy had Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” playing. Being the military brat that I am, that song ALWAYS gets to me. ALWAYS. It didn’t help that right after the motorcyclists, the WWII Veterans came through. For the next 10 minutes I cried. It was a combination of the song, the Vets, and knowing this was our last Fall here.

This has been our home for 6 years. We have grown as a family so much in these six years and I really do love it here. I do. I love the quaintness. I love how close everything is to us. I love living in the country and feeling an incredible safeness. I love our church. I love our friends. And I’m going to miss this terribly. As our house is nearing completion, the reality is really setting in...my husband has not been on a prolonged business trip. We are moving. I am elated that we are going to be back with our family, but I’m devastated because we are leaving our life here. :(

In making the best of today, I spent the day out with the kids. We went to the heritage festival and they had a blast. I too had a blast because I got to hang out with my girlfriend, Dani, and watch our kids play together. I had a blast watching the kids play with the animals and get excited to go play at the park. I had a blast going to Target and watching this woman’s face turn in somewhat disgust as she commented (rather sarcastically) to me, “Don’t you think you need another boy?” I was getting slushies for all the kids and they were waiting for their cups. I laughed and then said, “Oh, those kids. It’s not that big of a deal, they aren’t all mine. Only five of them are mine.” There were only 6 kids waiting. :D :D Yes, I have five kids. I love them and they are mine. AND I will claim them as mine---well most days I will.

I’ll close today with something that was very encouraging to me. J.T. was trying my patience tonight and I was ready to lose it. Today, I got in the mail my book God’s Promises For Women of Faith. I’m already enjoying it and gaining “wisdom” from it. I turned to the part titled, “God walks with women through impatience.” There were 8 verses that were given. They all spoke directly to my heart. Exodus 33:14 “He said, ‘My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’” Then Isaiah 40:31 “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Immediately, I stopped and prayed. I have not been waiting on the Lord. My strength has not been renewed and I am very weary. BUT the Lord is so good. He loves me so much to convict me when I stray. I love His gentle leading back to Him. Lord Father, please forgive me for not looking to You. I will wait on You.

Making Memories

Life is flying by and I find myself seeing all the days blurring together right now. Paint, pack, survive...that’s my life. I know I will look back someday and our time in Indiana will be nothing more than a memory. It is so bittersweet.

I’m excited about moving, but I’m so scared at the same time! We have to start over. We have to find a new home, church, friends, grocery stores...all of it. I feel so conflicted for my kids because they are going to have to leave their friends here---but they will get to make new friends, so that’s good right? I have a handful of friends that I have really kept in touch with since we moved, but truly it’s just a handful. I’m going to have to branch out and help my kids in making these new relationships because it’s not as easy as them making them in school. Their friends will eventually be a memory. I pray mine are not. I pray that I maintain my friendships here, because these ladies are great and I cannot imagine what my life would be without them!

Tonight I was sitting outside on my porch looking out at the moon and realizing that the same moon I was gazing upon, Brad could see in Virginia too. It was time for bed and I called all the kids outside, grabbed a blanket and we climbed onto the roof, laid back and gazed at the sky. We saw planes far up in the sky, a helicopter flew overhead, the stars were twinkling, and the moon was nothing short of gorgeous. The kids could not believe I was letting them up on the roof for this and it hit me---they will remember this. This is a memory that they will take with them for a long time. I want more of those memories with my kids and hopefully we’ll make some more tomorrow night and I’ll have pictures to accompany it---that is if I can find the charger for my camera battery.

I’m going to make it a mission to make memories with my kids. What will you do to make some memories??

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Benjamin loves having his hair go all crazy. He says, “I want to be Einstein!” I do not think he has a clue who Albert Einstein actually is, but he still wants to be like him. His older siblings have told him that Einstein was a smart guy with crazy hair and that’s all Boo needs to hear. He’s a character.

Last night he came to me and said, “Mommy? Are there Target’s in Virginia?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Well, do they have Lego Space Police and Lego Road Racer sets??” I said, “Yes.” He said, “SO, I can get LEGO SETS IN VIRGINIA TOO????????” I said, “Yes, you can.” He said, “Oh good Mommy. I still want Legos when we move to Virginia.”

That kid cracks me up! He constantly has us laughing and is just a pure joy in this family.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Daddy and his boys

These four men (3 little ones) have my heart in the palms of their hands. With one word they can lift me up and encourage me and with another word, they can crush my heart like a cheerio on the kitchen floor. These little men are learning from their daddy how to treat women and how to be a Godly husband. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than Brad.

He is an amazing Godly husband and father. He may joke with our boys and drive me up a wall, but he showers them with love and affection. He is their favorite person. Their eyes light up and their attitudes change when they know Daddy is coming home. They don’t just love him, but they truly adore him. And, they truly miss him. Today Bubba was reading a book and Prince Charming was resting in our bed. J.T. came in and sat next to Prince Charming. My heart broke as I heard my little boy talking to his daddy. He says, “Daddy, I just want to help do something on the house so we can all be together again....Do you want me to clean up the living room? I just want to help so we can be together.” He misses his Daddy so much and at this point he is willing to do whatever he has to so that we can be together.

J.T. was his shadow as they worked yesterday and today. He and Bubba got to go and pick up the trailer with Daddy and they ate it up! It didn’t matter that they would be in the truck riding around for several hours, they were thrilled to be with their Daddy. This morning, I asked Boo if he wanted to go to church or stay home with Daddy. Without skipping a beat he says, “I want to stay with Daddy.” That’s huge because this boy LOVES church! His little heart though misses Daddy and he knew that Daddy had to go back to VA today. :(

I am so thankful for the relationship that Prince Charming shares with his boys. He didn’t have a very good father relationship growing up, but looking at how he is with our kids you would never know that. He rocks. The kids think so too. There is nothing that Daddy cannot do and nothing that Daddy would not do for his kids. He is my Prince Charming and I love him. :D

Monday, September 13, 2010


I love this picture. And I love my man. Love him. And I miss him terribly. He really is such an amazing man. I’m not just saying that either, I feel it so deeply. I can hardly believe that in 2 weeks we will celebrate our 8 year anniversary. 8 years. It has been 8 full years. 8 years of milestones, sadness, and joy. I was trying to remember what we have done on all our anniversaries and this is what I’ve come up with:

Year 1- Dinner at Steinhibler’s in Virginia Beach. I was 6 1/2 months pregnant with J.T. We went here on our first date too. :)

Year 2- Prince Charming surprised me and planned our anniversary. We went to this little town a couple hours away and went horseback riding. It meant the world that he did that for us.

Year 3- Steak dinner at home to replicate the first date...and then we had a mini celebration at Cold Stone’s with Boo who was just a wee one at 1 1/2 months old!

Year 4- ummm....I’ll remember and update this year later

Year 5- We got overnight sitters for the kids and went to St. Elmo’s for dinner then we got a hotel room downtown.

Year 6- guess I gotta update this one later too

Year 7- Night in with yummy dessert and sparkling grape juice

What does year 8 hold?? Hopefully it will hold an offer or contract on our house so we can be together as a family again. I love you Schnookems! :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

This Boy

J.T. is my little nut job. I love him so much for his craziness! He has a mind that never quits working and an adventurous spirit like none other! When he sets his mind to something he goes for it full throttle. He is showing his caring and sweet side more and more often, but we do still have our outbursts of anger.

Tonight we were at a friend’s house for cook out. They have an outside cat, Oliver. J.T. loves Oliver. He played over there earlier this week and became obsessed with this cat. He wanted to go back the next day so he could play with the cat again. So tonight the kids (all 10 of them) spotted Oliver. J.T. started going towards Oliver and then Oliver darted and went in the crawl space of the neighbors house. J.T. was not going to be stopped and followed into the crawl space after this cat! I hollered at him to come out and a couple seconds later he emerged. Victorious. He had Oliver in his arms.

About 20 minutes after that one of the kids came in upset because J.T. wasn’t sharing. I was confused because I didn’t know what he wasn’t sharing. Any guesses? Yep, he was not sharing Oliver. He was sitting up in the play set with Oliver in his arms just loving all over this cat. J.T. was in heaven. We wound up telling the kids that they had to let Oliver go and just leave him be for a bit. My boy is desperate for a cat.

I desperately want to get him a cat. Unfortunately, his aunt and one of his cousins are terribly allergic to cats. =( Any ideas?? I certainly could use some.