Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Banner Banner Bo Banner...

Okay, so I'm trying to customize my banner and everytime I do, it comes out HUGE!!!! Hopefully I'll get it figured out and it will look the way that I want. =) =) =)

Grocery Shopping

Why is it that I go to Kroger and get the grocery cart that has the car on it for the boys, but they don't sit in it? I spent the last half of my grocery trip with Benjamin on my hip! I don't get it!!!! I got the couple things I needed, but of course forgot some things so I'll have to make another trip. WHOO HOO! I'm so excited!

God is good

Finances always seem to be tight the second week of the month. That's when we have one of our larger bills due and it makes for some creativity on my part. My girlfriend was coming over on Monday to borrow a book and she was an angel in disguise. She brought over a bag of frozen taco soup, some frozen honey lemon chicken, steaks, ground elk, and elk steaks. As she was unloading all of this I was in disbelief and shock. Just a couple hours earlier I was praying and asking God to provide for us---and He did. He is sooo good.

Monday, November 12, 2007

God still answers prayers!

Last night at church I was convicted by my lack of vision. We had a guest speaker, Dr. Davis. He said that if you are in the same place you were five years ago and not changing then you have lost your vision. Our Pastor had told us earlier that a lady at his 2nd church said, "Pastor, people do what they want to do." All of this hit me hard.

I sat there thinking about my quiet times and how often I have them. More appropriately, how often I don't have them. I thought about the last 5 years and tried to think of how many days I could say I actually had a quiet time. Forget the last five years, what about the last five weeks? The last five days? I already knew the answer, but it hurt me to think about how I've let all the little things of life get in the way of the important thing. Christ. His love for me.

So, I made a decision last night. I was going to change. I want my kids to see Jesus in me. I want others to see Jesus in me. I set my alarm clock on my cell phone last night for 6am. I never get up at 6 unless it's an absolute neccessary. I prayed before I went to bed and asked God to help me get up and to help keep the house (the kids) asleep so I could spend time with Him. My alarm went off and I didn't want to get up. But, I did.

I went downstairs and lit my candle, turned on my lamp and climbed into my chair. I wanted coffee, but I hadn't ground the coffee beans and I didn't want to risk waking up my "angels". I had a wonderful quiet time. I prayed for all of my kids, my husband, friends...the list went on. I've learned a little on the whole prayer front and I enjoyed praising God for who He is and all that He's done for me. I read part of Psalm 119 and prayed it back to God. God is so good.

I was able to shower and get dressed before the kids woke up. I made them breakfast, we got lunches packed and I read them the Bible and prayed with them before they went to school. They weren't rushed, I wasn't rushed. It was great. I've gotten a ton of housework done. I know that it is all because I started my day with God. I've gone back to Psalm 119 a lot this morning and I've been claiming my other verses (I'll share those later). I love being able to claim His promises! He is so good!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have decided that I want to change the look of my blog. So if you come here and it looks all out of whack, have no fear...soon and very soon (hopefully) it will be how I want it! Wish me luck!

Friday, November 09, 2007

I HATE Wallpaper

I decided I was going to be stupid and start stripping the wallpaper in my dining room. It's terrible! I think I'm going to hire professionals to come in and do it. Okay, so I really won't, but the idea is definitely tempting. I was making the dining room my winter project and since I sold my computer desk from in there I wanted to strip the wallpaper from that wall before I moved the piano onto that wall. WHAT WAS I THINKING???????? Why did I even want to take this project on. Now that I've started it I can't very well stop, but oh how I wish I could. I know that once it is all done I will be pleased and happy, but Golly! I didn't think it was going to go as slow as it's going. Any suggestions? I'll take all the advice (and help if you want to come over) that you can give me! =)

Fisher Price Smart Cycle

I want this for my boys. Brad doesn't quite understand why I want this for them. But, he's also not the one with them 24/7. What parent wouldn't want to be able to let their child play a video game, but get exercise at the same time? And it's not just any video game---it's educational!

"It’s a stationary bike, a learning center, and an arcade game system—all rolled into one! Smart Cycle plugs right into your TV, ready to take kids on learning adventures like no other. As they pedal, favorite character friends guide them through learning discoveries, games, and even exciting races. Bring the arcade experience home, with multiple levels of play for different ages and stages! (TV set not included.)

Includes Learning Adventure game cartridge, with 3 ways to play:

1. Drive:
Pedal, steer and learn at your own pace—visit Math Mountain, Shape Lake, Number Fields, Letter Creek and other stops along the way.

2. Learn:
Stop and rest, but don’t stop learning! Use the joystick to reinforce important learning skills with plenty of games and activities—with different levels for growing kids.

3. Race:
Put the pedal to the metal as you race with cars on-screen, against the clock, or with another player!

Requires 4 "D" (LR20) alkaline batteries (not included).

Assembled cycle is approx. 25" H x 18½" W x 27" L.


  • upper & lowercase letters
  • numbers & counting
  • spelling
  • problem-solving
  • shapes
  • matching
  • creativity
  • spatial reasoning
  • motor skills & lots more"

(From Fisher Price's website)

So, I say as long as this isn't made in China it would be a good buy! =) I've actually thought of calling Fisher Price and asking them if they can guarantee me that this product is completely safe for my child to use. Will all of the recent toy recalls impact your Christmas shopping this year?

He does his job well

We all know that it is the brother's job to annoy his siblings. Gabe has it down to a T. The girls can be content in the kitchen doing their homework and then Gabe walks in. He'll walk over to the table and take the paper that they are working on. Or he'll grab their bookbag or whatever he can to get the loudest scream out of them. He has mastered the art of annoyance when it comes to them. I sometimes just sit back and watch this unfold. As much as I hate the screaming I know one day they will be gone and I will long for the fights at the kitchen table again...

Benjamin's not a baby, KAY!!

Wednesday I was out running errands and when the boys and I got in the truck Justin started teasing Benjamin. He kept saying, "Benjamin's a baby...Benjamin's a baby." Benjamin was getting really upset and he said, "I NOT UH BABY BUBBA! KAY?!?! I NOT A BABY!!!!"

....It makes me sad that he says he's not baby. I want to keep him as a baby forever.

The Tooth Fairy goes broke

Haeley has yanked out 2 of her teeth in the past 2 days. Jasmine does not want to be outdone and is quickly trying to yank out one of hers. I got a memo from the tooth fairy...she's out of money.

Another Gem...

Justin has a bit of a problem with his must be the Irish in him. =) On Monday I had a brilliant idea and I decided that whenever he gets mad I would quote James 1:19 to him. "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry." I was impressed that by Tuesday he could say it on his own with little help. Today though I learned he knows it without my help. It was time for naps and this was our conversation.

Me: "Boys, it's time for naps."

Justin: "Evyone should be quick to lisen, slow to speak and slow to get angy." GRIN

Me: "Okay Justin, upstairs for bed."

Justin: "No." GRIN

Me: "Justin, do you know what else the Bible tell us? It says, 'Children should obey their parents.'"

Justin: "I don't have anny parents."

Me: "Children should obey their moms and dads."

Justin: "No, the Bible says, 'Parents should obey Justin.'"

At that point I looked at him and gave him a *STERN* look and said, "Justin, to bed Now." He grinned and ran up the stairs.


Monday he was not speaking nicely to me and when I corrected him he told me, "I have fire ants inside me and they said if I wasn't mean to you they would kill me."

Monday night he says, "I can't hear you out of this ear because that's my bad ear and it doesn't want to listen to you."

---"Justin, do you understand me?"

---"Nope, I don't."

Friday Fun

Today my friend Dani called me and invited me to go bike riding. I couldn't get anyone to watch the boys so they went with us. While we were waiting for Dani to come back and pick us up with her truck I snapped some pictures of the boys at the park.

Benjamin was mesmerized by the water.

I told the boys to get together so I could take their picture. This is what my "angels" gave me.

Integrity and Justin. =) I had to laugh when he was standing next to the sign.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dial-up Stinks

I know I haven't posted in a week, but in my defense it's frustrating trying to post when you can't connect at anything over 24.0Kbps. And for all you who don't know...24.0Kbps is SSSSLLLOOOOWWWWW. So, that's the reason for not posting. BUT, that's not to say that the Smith Household has not been bustling lately! Here's last week at a glance (I'll try to remember it)

Monday I had to drive the kids to school then take Brad his glasses at work. On my way home a friend of mine needed some help with a Lottie Moon computer thing so I picked her up, we got coffee and then headed to my house to work on it. Dani and I got the slideshow done just in time for me to take her home, pick up Lily and get her to school. Then it was back home to battle the boys for naps. I *finally* got them to sleep and had a little over an hour to try and get some stuff done before Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, and Tweedle Weedle came home from school (aka Haeley, Jasmine, and Gabe). It was a busy day as usual.

Tuesday came and I don't remember too much of Tuesday except for my phone call from the school nurse. Gabe was running on the playground and ran into another kid and Gabe fell backwards and smacked his head on the cement. This was about 40 minutes before dismissal and the nurse was not comfortable sending him home on the bus because when he was brought in from the playground the teacher said that he was all over the hallway and not walking straight. SO, Ms. Barbara came down to watch the boys since they were sleeping and I went to pick up Gabe and the girls. The poor little guy had a HUGE goose egg on his head and a black eye (compliments of teasing his brother the night before). I got him home, kept an eye on him and then called our pediatrician because my mom felt very strongly that he needed to go into the ER or Urgent Care. I thought he was fine, but knew that my mom wouldn't be satisfied unless the doctor said he was okay. And as it turns out, Dr. Hensley told me what to watch for and he is fine. BUT, that night he was horsing around with Jasmine and she smacked her head into his already black eye and made it swell up all over again. Poor kid.

Wednesday a friend of mine watched the boys for the morning and I got to go get a cup of coffee and relax a little bit before I had to go get them. I did get to go to the school and watch Jasmine and Haeley's class do the egg drop. Jasmine's was by far the best one! That night we had church and then we went to the store and Brad bought me a new digital camera!!!!! My old one had been acting up for some time and I was getting more and more frustrated with it. I now have the Canon Powershot A720 IS. And I LOVE IT! It is fabulous. Wonderful....

Thursday was spent at home trying to get things situated. I made a yummy pot roast for dinner and my friend Corrie came over. We fed the kids and then waited for Brad to get home before we ate. I did make a very important discovery that day. A 2 1/2 pound roast is not enough for the Smith family anymore. It was a nice night. We watched Invincible and had some good conversation that night...then Friday I took 5 bags of junk to Goodwill. =) Yay for me!

Saturday Brad was at the junk yard getting an engine for his '71 Mercury Comet and I decided to take the boys to get their hair cut. What an adventure that was! Benjamin and Justin's hair came out looking great, but Gabe's "stylist" (I use that term loosely) used the clippers on his WHOLE HEAD!!!!! It is starting to grow on me, but I don't think we will EVER have it like this again!!!! Oh, there's a picture on here of Benjamin asleep in his Lightning McQueen chair. He fell asleep in hs chair watching Curious George...that's a man for ya. =)

Well, that's all for now...enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think of Gabe's hair (or lack of it). =)