Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Homeschooling the kids

Yesterday in school the girls had to take Psalm 1:1-2 and translate it into a modern day version. They had to use the three rules of translating which are:

1. Nothing must be added.
2. Nothing must be left out.
3. The original meaning must not be changed.

So the passage was this:

"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. 2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. "

When Jasmine gave me hers to read I laughed out loud. This was Jasmine's translation:

"Blessed is the peep that doesn't walk in the place of the bad peeps, or that is standing in front of sinners, or that sits where the refusers sit. But his happiness is in the words of the Lord; and in his words does he think day and night."

So, if you were grading this, what would you give it?

The journey to potty training

Benjamin successfully potty trained completely over Labor Day weekend. I was thrilled! But apparently my being thrilled was not enough for him. After about 2 weeks of pooing and peeing in the potty consistently he decided that was for the birds and his pants were a better place for all that mess. It has been a long month because I have REFUSED to put him back in pull-ups. It has been so frustrating for me because I know that he has known what to do and he has just chosen not to. And he wouldn't just poo once a day either. On average twice a day he was pooing in his underwear.

I was ready to scream. In fact I think I did on a couple occasions. ;) About 2 weeks ago every time he would poo in his underwear I made him clean up the mess himself. He had to clean his underwear out and then I would give him a shower. This still didn't seem to get through to him. I have been at my wits end. We have tried bribery (I am not above bribing my kid to poo in the potty). Bribing didn't work. I told him he could have 3 Hershey's Kisses if he pooed in the potty. He told me he didn't want Hershey's Kisses. Brad told him he would take him for a ride on the tractor if he pooed in the potty. Benjamin said, "I don't want to ride on the tractor again."

I had finally accepted that my child would never poo in the potty again. I was feeling terrible for all of Benjamin's future relationships because my son was not going to poo in the potty again. I tried Saturday night to get him to go. Our conversation went like this:

"Benjamin, you need to go poo poo in the potty."

"I don't want toooooooo...."

"Benjamin, it will be okay just tell your poo poo it's okay to come out." (What a mistake it was to say that.)

"...poo poo you can come out now. OH! Mommy! My poo poo said, 'okay sure!' It's putting it's socks and shoes on."


"The poo poo is putting his socks and shoes on because it has to drive out."


"Vrrrooommm....(and more car noises)....Oh no! It crashed! The poo poo crashed."

I'm speechless at this point and don't know what to say.

"It's okay Mommy....Poo poo, do you want to go to McDonalds?...The poo poo said, "Sure, we can go to McDonalds!"


"Oh no Mommy! There's a rock in the poo poo's way!....It's okay. I moved the rock out of it's way...But the poo poo still won't come out Mommy."

"Okay, Benjamin, you can be done."

Fast forward to yesterday. Benjamin was holding his bottom because he needed to go poo poo. I sent him into the potty and he was just crying his eyes out because he didn't want to go. I checked on him and he kept crying and I told him that he needed to be quiet and try to go poo poo (I was not about to tell him that he could tell his poo poo to come out again.) Well he sat there and tried and tried and I told him I would come check on him in a couple minutes. Jasmine heard her baby brother crying and went into the bathroom to check on him. She stayed in there with him for about 20 minutes or so and then she came out and said, "MOMMY! BENJAMIN POOPIED IN THE POTTY!!!!!" Ient flying into the bathroom and sure enough he had gone. So we hooted and hollered and praised Benjamin for his poo poos and then he got to pick any piece of candy that he wanted.

He was a happy boy. So after Gabe's karate lesson last night we had to stop at Walgreens for some milk. Benjamin saw the display of Webkinz's sitting there and says, "A WEBKINZ MOMMY!!! I WANT A WEBKINZ!!!!" Now usually I don't let that bother me and I tell him no, but a plan was formulating in my mind. I let him pick out a Webkinz. And I gave it to him when we got home. He loves his Webkinz. It's a little black and white cat and he has named it "Kitty." I told Benjamin that if he poo pooed in his pants that I was going to take Kitty away. He said, "Okay Mommy, I won't poo poo in my pants. I WILL poo poo in the potty."

We got home from running around this morning and I sent him in to try and go potty...He came out of the bathroom unsuccessful, but he did tell me why he couldn't go potty. His words to me were, "And MOMMY, the poopie won't come out. He's in bed and he won't wake up. And MOMMY, the poopie just won't come out..."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Clothes

I went shopping with my girlfriend, Sarah, on Sunday. We had a blast and I got several things for the kids. I was so pleased with the deals that I was able to get. So Monday morning I was pulling all the clothes out that I got for the kids. Gabe came in and says to me, "Oh Mommy! You got us more laundry!!!!"

That kids cracks me up!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weight Loss and Dunkin Donuts ;)

Okay, so I know that losing weight and Dunkin' Donuts shouldn't be in the same schedule, but here they are. ;) I'm still on my journey to lose weight and where it's not always going as fast as I would like I have dropped 9 pounds so far. I'm anxious to see the scale on Thursday. I have about 13 pounds to drop before Thanksgiving. I know I can do it, I just need to get back to exercising. Exercising (and blogging for that matter) went on hold for a couple weeks as I've been battling dizzy spells again. The long story short is that they still aren't sure what's causing them but I go in tomorrow to get a holter monitor to wear for 24 hours. It will monitor my heart to see if anything is going on there. Then on the 21st I have to go to ENT and see if they can tell me anything. And finally I have to have more blood work done on the 7th to see if my thyroid levels have changed. I have felt like one big mess the past couple weeks! Hopefully I'll have some answers soon.

On to the Dunkin' Donuts part of my post. =) They have finally opened a Dunkin' Donuts!!!! We don't have any donut shops around here at all so this has been a huge thing for our area. In fact I went Saturday morning to get donuts for Brad and the kids and I was blown away at how many people were working at 6:30 in the morning! There were 8 people just behind the counter. That didn't even include everyone that was working in the back. Crazy I tell ya, crazy! So while Brad and the kids ate their donuts, I had 2 whole grain, low fat Eggo Waffles, 1/2 a banana, 4 large strawberries, and 2 scrambled egg whites.

Mmmmm....It was yummy, but those blasted donuts were tempting! And I did so good staying away from them. Until about 3:30 in the afternoon. I hadn't had lunch. Brad and I had been outside chopping, splitting, and stacking wood and I was starved! I went in for a drink and there they sat...All of a sudden the box gracefully opened, there was a light that was shinning directly on the oh so delicious smelling and looking devil chocolate cake donut. I tried to resist. I tried really hard. And then it started floating through the air. I stood with my mouth hanging open in complete amazement. At once the donut was in my mouth, and try as I might to spit it out, I swallowed the donut and promptly felt it growing on my right thigh. I succumbed to temptation. I am so weak. =( However, I was working my tail off outside. Yes, I was using the chainsaw and the axe on the firewood. So hopefully I worked all of those nasty calories and fat grams off!!!

Sunday we actually were ready to leave the house early so I had Brad take me to Starby's so that I could get a venti, nonfat, 2 pump sugar free hazelnut Misto and a Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon breakfast sandwich. That was so yummy! He and the kids had their usual Sunday breakfast. Donuts and juice. I know, I know. We get the medal for healthiness! ;)

I'll update more tomorrow, I gotta hit the sack!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Jealous much??

We were driving to church last Sunday night and I was telling Brad about an article I read on Kirk Cameron here. Basically Cameron has resolved not to kiss any woman besides his wife---even with acting. That started a conversation between Brad and I and he said that he thought that was very wise of Cameron. He told me about a time in high school where he was in a play and had a kissing scene. He said that the girl he had to kiss was his girlfriend but that he could only imagine how uncomfortable he would have been if it wasn't his girlfriend he was kissing.

And let me tell you...My stomach started flipping and my heart just started a going...and to be honest, I was getting a little mad. How dare he kiss a girl in high school!! ;) I was thinking that had I dated in high school I probably, maybe, wouldn't get so jealous when I hear about the past relationships...but nonetheless the jealousy reared its ugly head. But as we continued driving I let my mind wander a little more and God hit my upside the head with a 2x4. If I get so jealous over a petty past relationship that my husband had, then how jealous does God get when we put things before Him? I'm telling you 2x4 upside the head. And a big 2x4 at that! I don't want to live my life in regret over the things that I have put before my Heavenly Father. It's my goal to put Him first in all things.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Here I am, Oh God
I bring this sacrifice--my open heart.
I offer up my life.

I look to You, Lord
Your love that never ends
Restores me again
So I lift my eyes to you, Lord

In Your strength will I break through, Lord
Touch me now, let your love fall down on me
And I will be complete in You.

Here I am, Oh God
I bring this sacrifice--my open heart.
I offer up my life.

I look to You, Lord.
Your love that never ends
Restores me again
So I lift my eyes to you Lord

And by faith, I will walk on, Lord
Then I'll see beyond my Calvary one day,
And I will be complete in..

I look to You, Lord
Your love that never ends
Restores me again
So I lift my eyes to you Lord

In your strength will I break through Lord
Touch me now, let your love fall down on me
I know your love dispels all my fears.

Through the storm I will hold on Lord
And by faith I will walk on, Lord
Then I'll see beyond my Calvary one day
And I will be complete in You

***I want to be Complete in Him.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Has it been 4 days since I last posted?

Wow, time sure does fly!!! Tonight is my First Place meeting! I'm anxious to see how I've done this past week...I know that I haven't eaten the best, but as long as I haven't gained I'll be happy. It's been a busy and somewhat of a difficult week. I started having my dizzy spells again and they have really kicked my butt this go around. I went to the doctor and she pretty much blew me off and put me on medication that I'm supposed to take 4 times a day. "It may make you sleepy though." Hello??? I have 5 kids. Being sleepy during the day is a luxury I can't afford! I've been monitoring my blood pressure and pulse and they keep doing funky stuff so I made an appointment with MY doctor on Monday. I told them I want a COMPLETE physical. I'm going to find out what's going on.

We've had revival at church this past week too. I wasn't in service Tuesday or Wednesday night because I had nursery, but Sunday am, pm and Monday pm was awesome. We had several decisions for Christ too! God is good! I want to go and see "Fireproof"...that was very random. I must be losing it!!!

We didn't have anything to eat for breakfast today so I took the kids to Bob Evans. We had a nice little math lesson sitting in Bob Evans. I totaled up how much the kids food cost and then we looked at how much it would cost if we just made it at home. It was a bit of an eye opener for the kids. We have all of our homeschool material minus our math! YAY! I'm working on lesson plans now and we will start with this new material Monday morning! The kids don't know yet. We've been doing little stuff, but we are really going to do a lot this coming week. I'm excited! Alright, I gotta go get ready for First Place! I'll try to update this tonight. =)