Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I love you Grandpa.

I have so much to say but not enough time.  This past week has been a very trying week.  We've had a lot going on with day to day family stuff and little additional stressors here and there.  But last Tuesday my grandpa was put into hospice care.  My dad flew out to Nebraska and was able to spend his last days with him.  Grandpa left this earthly world on Monday December 5th.  I am so thankful that I will be able to see him again, but it is still hard.  I hadn't seen him in years and I had not made as much of an effort on my part to build our relationship.  I had never taken my kids to Nebraska to meet him either.  It sucks.  I've dealt with a lot of guilt over the past week.  I am happy that he isn't in pain anymore.

That helps.

I love you Grandpa.  Forever and always.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I love Fall

I love the crisp mornings of Fall.  I love the beautiful reds, oranges, yellows, and browns of Fall.  I love the crisp smell in the air.  I love waking early in the morning, sitting outside with my coffee and smelling fireplaces warming homes.  I love the kids playing in leaves.  I love sitting in our hot tub in the evenings and allowing the hot water to soothe my day's frustrations away.  I love the smell of apple cider, pumpkin muffins, chili, and corn bread on any given day.

I love snuggles with my babies after they have woken up or played outside and need to get warm.  I love having coffee (decaf) in the cool evenings with my 7 year old and listening to him share his heart.  I love seeing my mums in bloom in my flower beds.  I do not love seeing only half of my mums because the other half has been defeated by a runaway basketball.  I love watching football games---even if my Colts aren't doing too hot this season.  I love throwing a football around with my boys and watching my kids play games of basketball in the driveway.  I love watching the beautiful Egrets and the Blue Herons fly into the marsh and fish for their breakfast.  

I love seeing that this list could last forever, but I must end it so that I can get ready for school and teach the ones I LOVE the most!  Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Love & Respect Experience

I was very excited to get Dr. Emerson Eggerichs book, The Love & Respect Experience in the mail this past week.  It is a 52 week devotional.  The front of the book says, "A Husband-Friendly Devotional that Wives Truly Love" and I couldn't say it any better myself.  My husband and I have been talking about finding a devotional for the two of us and this really seems to fit what we have needed.  

The design of the book is to not make the husband or wife uncomfortable at all.  Dr. Eggerichs suggests reading a chapter a week.  In that week you are to meditate on it and allow God to speak to your heart.  In some cases it may be difficult to talk about much more and that's alright.  As you feel comfortable, you should share with your spouse---as a woman, I know I'll probably do more sharing than my husband.  

Some may look at a title such as The Love & Respect Experience and be turned off due to the name, but there is so much to learn from this book!  The Bible tells us that men are to love their wives and in return wives are to respect their husbands.  That has been lost in our culture today.  If a husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church then the wife *should* have no problem respecting her husband.

I know in our marriage, there are times when respecting my man is a little difficult, but in the end it's worth it.  There are so many great insights in this book and for couples that want to grow closer to the Lord and closer to one another then pick up this book!!!  And while you are at it, buy one for another couple.

This book was sent to me free of charge from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My babes

I've decided that as much as I love the banner picture of my babes, it's time to update it with a new one....Considering this pic is about 3 years old.  I can't believe that they are all so big now.  Where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday they were running around my feet and we were starting our family.

When Brad and I got married, Haeley was 4, Jasmine was 3, and Gabe was 2!!!  Justin and Benjamin weren't even on the horizon.  And now, Haeley is 13, Jasmine is 12, Gabe is 11, Justin is 7, and Benjamin is 6!  As crazy as it may sound, I miss the days of diapers, bottles, middle of the night feedings, and cranky teething babes.  I miss the sweet feel of a babe sleeping on my chest.  I miss the times of simply staring into my baby's face and declaring my love for them.  Now, when I stare at their face they think I'm crazy and they leave before I'm able to profess my deep undying love for them.  :)  

But I love the conversations I get to have with my babes now.  I love Haeley and I talking and growing closer as Mom and daughter.  I love seeing their personalities blossom.  I love seeing them victorious over previous struggles.  I love their creativity and seeing them love on one another.  I love listening to them pray and seeing them learn more about the Lord.  I love seeing them not only learn about the Lord, but putting their faith in Him too.

It's a good life and I don't want to take my babes for granted for one more day.  I want to cherish each moment that I have with them.  The good moments and the ugly ones too.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Roller Coaster Begins Again

I think I've mentioned that Brad's job situation has not been great and he's been pursuing other options.  A couple of weeks ago we received a job offer.  Brad and I had discussed this job in length and he accepted the job.  Golly it was a hard decision.  But I know it was the right one and so much has been revealed to me in the past couple days that has further confirmed that it was definitely the right decision.

We closed on our house here January 29th of this past year.  It was quite the adventure us moving from IN to VA.  Brad was in VA and the kids and I were in IN until our house was ready to be put on the market.  The kids and I have been back in VA for about a year now.  We all moved in with Mom and Dad for about 3ish months until we closed on our house and were ready to move in.  We gutted the living room and kitchen and made it beautiful.  We took the carport and turned it into a great garage.  We replaced the wood around our hot tub and were able to get it up and running.

And now all of that will be for another family.  

Brad's new job is in Richmond.  He will be commuting for awhile and spending some of the time at my aunt's house.  I'm very thankful for Aunt E opening up her home and taking him in for this period of time.  In the meantime, we get to put a new roof on our house, put some new windows on and make the big decision---Do we rent or sell?

We love our house and selling would absolutely break our hearts, but we need to be together as a family.  And we need a down payment for another house.  So...here we go again.  Decisions that are hard, separations that are harder and circumstances that sometimes seem so insurmountable that it makes my head spin.  And yet through all of this, it doesn't take too much to cheer me up.  One of the very best cheer ups.......This:

Without a doubt this face, those little eyes, those arms that wrap so tightly around my neck, and that sweet little boy can cheer me up in an instant.  My babies will help me get through this time.  We will hold tightly to each other once more.  We will grow closer as a family and we will start over in a new place again.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

School minus my school room

This year has not been my traditional schooling year.  With having my nieces here I have to be a bit more scheduled and disciplined in my school day.  We stay in our schoolroom and every one is at there designated spot.  It is very much like your classroom setting.  This week I've had some sickies in my house and due to that we have not had school at my house.  I got my SIL set up with everything she needed and let her do all but Monday on her own.

As much as like having them over I really enjoyed just schooling my kids.  We did school in the living room---not our school room!!!  We stayed in our jammies.  We did school on the couch.  We didn't start until 10 some mornings--11 on others.  And Thursday we didn't do school at all!  I had a bunch of errands I had to get done and by the time I got home at 3:30 I was POOPED!  Today was so much fun.  Typically my girls are in a completely different room than we are and I have to run back and forth between everyone.  But today, we were all in the living room and dining room and I could see everyone without needing to go upstairs and through 2 other rooms to get to them.  

We sat on the couches and lounged around a bit, but we got our work done.  I loved our day.  I loved getting to sit around and not be confined to our schoolroom.  Next week we will go back to the day to day routine.  I pray that we are able to easily go back to the routine and that I am able to enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed my past week (minus the sickies).

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Funny for you

'Nuff Said.

But....I tried this on my children.  The older three responded and ran outside laughing.  Justin stood there staring at me like I was crazy.  He had on only underwear and didn't understand what a "Fire Drill" was all about.  I tried being serious and I said, "JUSTIN!  It's a FIRE DRILL!!!  You have to go outside RIGHT NOW!"  He looked down and said, "But I only have on underwear..?"  I said, "That's why you should always have on clothes, you never know when we will have to have a fire drill."  Then he realized I was just being silly and tried to actually run outside in his underwear.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kitty Kitty

This here is "Kitty Kitty".  She has adopted our house.  I think a can of tuna and a piece of bacon may have helped her come to the conclusion that she likes it here though.  :)  She is a sweet little thing.  The kids are in love and if I'm honest I like her quite a bit too.  She's been here since Friday and has shown no desire to leave.  She staked her claim Friday night when another cat came in the yard and she chased that cat away.  Last night Brad and I went to the store and she was perched on the roof of the garage.  From what I can tell, she's not going anywhere.  Every morning she is at the back door or in one of the windows crying.  

This morning she was crying at the door in the rain.  It was pitiful.  Brad told me to call the Humane Society and see what they charge to have her spayed.  ;-)  Tomorrow she has an appointment at the vet at Petsmart so that we can have her checked out before investing a ton of money in her.  She really is the sweetest thing.  AND, where I initially thought Gabe was allergic to her, that doesn't seem to be the case. I guess that's a good thing, right??  So...I need some help.  "Kitty Kitty" needs a better name.  Everyone throw me some names so we can make a decision!!  :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stop and smell the Roses

The past couple weeks have been CRAZY!  It's been a good crazy, but crazy nonetheless.  :)  Monday I had my 5 kiddos and my 2 nieces to homeschool by my lonesome.  Usually my SIL is here and she is a lifesaver because she's pretty much taken over the 2nd grade.  But Monday she was in Roanoke with our MIL.  And if you know anything about it me you know that I don't let seemingly impossible tasks keep me down.  That's how I found myself going ahead and starting school at 8:30 Monday morning.

By about 10ish I was ready to pull my hair out.  It was all me and everyone needed me at the same time.  I gave everyone something to do and decided to take a little breather.  As I was walking around my house I saw one single solitary rose on our rose bush.  I went over and inhaled the most beautiful scent I think I ever have in my life.  I was instantly calmed downed and refreshed.

I look at how many times I run, run, run and do not take the time to stop and "smell the roses".  How often I ignore the beauty that God has placed right before me.  He knows the little things that help me get through the tough times and He lovingly places them before me and waits to see if I'm paying enough attention to Him.  I know I have a terrible habit of trying to do it all on my own without going to Him to help me through it.

E-Women Lynchburg

This past weekend, Melissa and I had our much awaited Women's Conference.  We drove to Roanoke to visit with our MIL a little before we headed back out to the conference.  I've been to Beth Moore Conferences before and the Indiana SBCV has put on several conferences and I was expecting something like one of those.  That was *not* what I experienced at this conference.

The theme this year is Everlasting Hope and this year's verses were taken from Isaiah 40:28-31.  "Do you not know?  Have you not heard?  The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.  He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.  He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.  Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble fall; but those who HOPE IN THE LORD WILL RENEW THEIR STRENGTH.  THEY WILL SOAR ON WINGS LIKE EAGLES; THEY WILL RUN AND NOT GROW WEARY, THEY WILL WALK AND NOT BE FAINT."  (Pardon the caps, but those parts really spoke to me.)

We had speakers and music that put this tender heart through the wringer.  :)  We had stories of complete tragedy and then the hope in the Lord that brought healing.  Julie Clinton was the conference host.  Our speakers were: Carol Kent, Lysa TerKeurst, Donna VanLiere, Jennifer Rothschild, and Sarah Palin.  Each of this women has had something/s tragic happen in their life that has made them sit back and evaluate where their Faith lies.  Carol Kent talked to us about James 1:2 (which is one of my all time favorite verses) and gave me quite a bit to think about.  Gosh, I wish I could get into what all of these speakers said, but it would take forever.  :)

I'll try over the next couple weeks to share what each of them shared that made me think.  :) :)  I think the biggest thing that I left the conference with was knowing that I have not been putting the Lord first in my life.  I've gotten upset and irritated with the way things are going in my life and I have allowed myself to distance myself from my personal walk.  I still go to church, and sing songs of worship...but I've not wanted to really talk with Him because I'm mad.  Mad might be too strong of a word.  I think the better word is heartbroken.  I'm heartbroken because of where it looks like our lives are headed.  (More on that later.)

Please join us in prayer that in this season of our life that we would allow the Lord to be glorified.  And please pray that I would desire to seek the Lord daily.  Thanks.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Family Visitors

We've had another busy week, but it has been wonderful!

My sis-in-law, Erin, and my two nephews, Joshua and Daniel are here visiting.  It was a surprise for Momma.  She didn't know that they were coming and we pulled it off beautifully.  She was surprised and really stunned.

Joshua and Daniel have warmed up to me and I have been in heaven having them here with me.  Tomorrow they will be going to my Momma's for a couple days.  I will miss them so much.  This has been such an amazing time.  Joshua is 3 and I had not met him until this past Thursday.  And Daniel is 10 months so this too has been my first tim with them.  Joshua is all boy!  He has killed me no less than 100 times over the past couple days with his guns.  Then he has a special gun that pulls the bullet back out.  However, he doesn't always use that gun---sometimes I'm left to just lay there on the floor waiting.  Then he erupts into a fit of giggles.

Daniel is one of the happiest babies I have ever had the pleasure of being around.  He truly only cries when he is tired, hungry, or needing a diaper change.  He loves his Momma and playing the back and forth game.  He doesn't crawl as much as he does a scooty-crawl like thing across the floor.  And this baby EATS!  He and Joshua both love Salt & Vinegar chips.  If Daniel sees them he will fuss until he gets to have one.  I love it.

I am so thankful and blessed for the time that Erin and I have had together.  She is a wonderful Mommy and she loves my brother so much.  And, my brother, he adores his wife.  I know that he is not here, but he calls her constantly because he misses her.  He loves his kids and his wife.  He's a good Daddy and husband.  For that I am soo thankful.  Erin and I have really gotten to know each other a bit better and I am enjoying her company.  We stayed up until 2 AM last night.  We were both DRAGGING this morning, but I think it was worth it.  I'll get some pictures up here soon, but for now I'm going to bed!


Saturday, October 01, 2011

Visit with Sarah

This past weekend and the early part of the week one of my dearest friends came out to visit. I've mentioned Sarah before and there are really no words to explain just how special she is to me and my family! I didn't tell the boys that they were coming. All the boys knew was that we were going to have a guest of sorts. They didn't know how many or anything!! Chad had a conference in Virginia Beach and they came a couple days early. I cherish the time that we were able to spend together. Things didn't go exactly as planned, but we made it work. Tuesday we were going to go down to the beach and visit them in the hotel and we were going to swim there also. That morning we awoke to find that our power company had taken more out of our account than they were supposed to and we were left with next to nothing in the bank. I spent the morning trying to get our finances squared away and by 12:30 we still hadn't left. I grabbed the kids and we ran to the the bank where I pleaded my case. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to take care of everything as needed but I knew I needed to try. Thankfully we were able to get money from another account transferred to our local account and that is all well and good now. In the process of all this, I didn't think to grab the kids swimsuits and towels. I didn't want to waste anymore time---I just wanted to get the beach to see Sarah and the boys. I knew my kids would be perfectly content to play in the sand and wether or not they got to go in the water was not as important. The hotel was beautiful and the pools inside were amazing!!! After going through I was glad had forgotten our suits and towels because it just wouldn't have been right. There was a sign posted next to the pool that said, "For registered hotel guests only". We were not a registered guest. And I know it may sound silly, but I don't want to show my kids it's okay to break the rules just to have fun. We were able to talk about that on the way home too---after seeing the pools they were disappointed that we didn't bring our suits, but they understood. For that I am thankful!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy 9th Anniversary

It's that time of year again. The time I get to be all sappy and tell about how much I love my husband. :) Sometimes I still can't believe that we have actually been married for 9 years. I know I've said it before, but Brad is such a tremendous blessing to me. Even though my initial plans for the night were changed around Brad and I still managed to have a good evening. I made dinner for he and I and we ate it in somewhat of the candlelight. :) After we got the kiddos to bed we went out for some time in the hot tub. The mosquitos were AWFUL and I spent most of my time trying to hide from them. We had a nice 2-3 minute downpour and that helped cool the evening off some. More than anything, I truly enjoyed spending time with my man. I love the time we get to spend together and the wife that I have grown into over the past 9 years. Nine years ago I remember being so excited to finally be Mrs. Smith! I remember the first couple days feeling so nervous and anxious. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to be the wife and mother that I had just pledged to be. Here we are 9 years later and somedays I'm still not sure if I will be able to be that wife and mother---but I'm trying my best and having fun with it all the same. I am incredibly blessed with my life. It's been 9 years and I can't wait to see what the next 9 and more bring! Like I told Brad, having him by my side is all I'll need.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ramblings from Pity Party Central

:WARNING: Pity Party begins now. It's been quite a while since I have posted and I'm not sure exactly why. Wait, I take that back. I am sure why. School has started, I'm homeschooling my 5 kids and my 2 nieces. We are under so much stress right now. Brad's job is not too stellar right now and that has put a lot on us. There is the possibility of another move. I know...really? Another??? We have not even been in our house a year and I HATE to think that we may have to move. I hate it. BUT it's the reality right now. I finally sat down with the kids and told them. I wanted them to have time to get used to the idea instead of "Hey guys, guess what?! We are moving AGAIN!!!!" They took the possibility very well. I'm proud of them. I explained that moving is not what Brad and I want but it may be what is necessary. Ouch. It hurts just to type that out. This afternoon I have felt slightly depressed. And I know the many reasons for that one... One of my closest and dearest friends and her family came out for a visit. Sarah's husband has a conference in Virginia Beach and they came early so we could all have a visit. My heart has just soared the past couple days having them all here. Sarah and I stayed up WAY too late Saturday night talking about everything under the sun. We talked about our kiddos, homeschooling, our husbands (good stuff there), and the way we have been able to see the Lord working in our lives. I so enjoyed our short time we've had so far. We watched the Colts and Steelers game last night and loved seeing the Colts rally enough to almost win the game. They left for VA Beach this afternoon and then I was left alone with my thoughts. Well, not quite alone...I've got five kids here...but you know what I mean. I was able to think for a little while and it's got me in a bit of a funky place. My desire is to be in the will of the Lord. I desire to follow Him and His plan for my life. I desire for my kids to see me live my life for the Lord. I do not desire to move. But I will try and desire that if we feel that is where the Lord is leading us. Even as I type this out I just want to cry. I'm so tired. My mind is weary from worrying about what lies ahead. I do not want to move away from our family. My heart grieves when I think of that. I do not want to move away from our church. I have come to love and adore our church. But one thing I have noticed---I have not jumped in and gotten involved like I thought I would have by now. I have been keeping to myself a bit more than usual and I've been reluctant to let myself get too attached. I want to. I want to get involved and sing in the choir. I love singing and I miss it. And I want a puppy. Brad's not on board with us getting a puppy right now. I understand with everything that is going on he doesn't want to add that to the list. I think I miss having a baby in the house and I want something small to nurture, love on, and cuddle with. My boys don't just come and cuddle with me anymore. If they do it's typically because they want something. ;-) I'm just a jumble of emotions. I think it's time to make a cup of coffee, turn up the Praise music and try and get myself out of this funk. Thanks for listening/reading my pitifulness! :) ...........and in all this, I almost forgot my anniversary is in 2 days!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surfing Babies

The kids have been dying to learn to surf for the longest time. Since we've moved back to VA they have been BEGGING Brad to teach them. I have a little of an ulterior motive to this though---Learning to surf=P.E. YAY! We can count all of our surfing days as school days. Okay, so really---I won't count them, but it is a little on the tempting side. :D

Last Saturday we had a bit of a leisurely morning until Brad said, "The surf is up! Let's take the kids!" And the whirlwind of preparations began. We got the kids ready only to discover that Jasmine's bathing suit was MIA. After everyone else was ready, Brad dropped Jasmine and I off at Kohls while he and the rest of the kiddos went and grabbed lunch. Jas and I were in Kohls and done within 15 minutes. I found her two tops and a pair of shorts and a new top for me!

Then it was onto Sandbridge beach where the real fun began. To say that the kids had a blast would be a bit of an understatement. They were thrilled. And they did wonderfully. Justin has no fear to begin with and this was in his element. Brad got him ready to go and out they went. Justin would ride a wave in and then jump back on the board and paddle out to Brad. He did this just about all day. We had 3 boards and for the most part there was someone on a board at all times. Justin got up on both feet, but never let go of the board. Jasmine got up on both feet and tried standing before she bit the dust. Haeley also got up on both feet but bit the dust before she could actually stand. Gabe tried a couple of times to stand, but he preferred to just get used to riding the waves in on his belly. Benjamin tried one time and the wave worked him over good. After that he was done with surfing---for now at least.

I even went out and tried my hand at it again. I need to work on my upper body strength before I will be successful at all. I took almost 400 pictures, but I will not subject you to all of them. Here is a sampling of my babies and their first time surfing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All I Need

Where my heart is right now...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's get this baby back up and running!

I am slowly trying to bring this blog up to date with all my postings from my other...it's gonna take a couple days, but I will get it done! :D I've got a couple funny posts coming up in the next couple days. I'll try to get them up ASAP.

Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Things I like about my house

-Our retro intercom system
-My new pretty floor in our kitchen
-The view---it’s gorgeous
-Having a couch in my bedroom
-Double vanities in our bathroom :)
-Our sweet closet
-The gas fireplace in the yet-to-be decided room
-How close it is to family
-The pretty hardwood floors
-Falling asleep at night looking at the stars through our sky lights

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Working like a dog

Here’s the rundown from the past week:

-Closed on our house here
-Have NOT closed on our house in IN (supposed to be Valentine’s Day now)
-Have unpacked one PackRat completely
-Gutted the kitchen
-Old floor up in the kitchen
-New floor going down in the kitchen
-Drove over 120 miles in one day
-Started living in our house
-Had our first birthday party in the house
-Jasmine is 12!

...so much more going on, it’s been crazy!

Gabe stayed at my folks house Friday night and last night too. Last night Uncle Mickey took Haeley home, Uncle Luke and Aunt Melissa took Jasmine and Benjamin and we have Justin. Justin would not do well as an only child! He does NOT like playing by himself or not having someone else with him. He was a great helper for Brad last night with the floor. Then the two of them got ready for bed and watched part of “UP!” in our room. He is LOVING the one on one.

Off I go....I think a little JT has his first tooth that’s about to get pulled! All my IN friends, stay warm and safe!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Proud Homeowners

We are now the proud owners of 2 homes! Prayerfully in less than an hour, that will change to 1 home. :)

I came to work with Brad this morning (I’m in his office typing this now) and played around until our final walk through this morning. The walk through went great!! We even pulled up some of the carpet in the dining room and bedrooms and if the bit of hardwood we saw underneath is any indication of the rest of the floors we will be happy campers! What we can see looks great and there stands the chance that it will not need to be re-finished! We’ll know more on that tonight.

While at the walk through, we got a call from our realtor’s office in Indiana letting us know that we are closing on our house out there after all! The closing was scheduled for 3 but has been pushed back to 4. We are very thankful to have it close today! After the walk through our wonderful realtor, Bob Smith, took us to lunch at Smokey Bones. We had good food, conversation, and company. I really enjoyed it. Then it was on to the closing.

My goodness....the closing. :) It was definitely more than we bargained for, but in a very good way! Brad signed all the papers and I sat there admiring my strong husband as he signed page after page. ;-) Our attorney that was present for the closing gave Brad and I a lot to think about and has started us in the process of getting our will done. That was a very sobering time. I do not like to think about the “what ifs” of life. I know that we need to have all of that in order so that if anything ever happens our kids will be taken cared of. I still don’t like it.

We did have a lot of laughs in that closing though. I was not present when we bought our house in Indiana; I was tying up the loose ends out here. It was a wee bit of a different experience---but fun and very exciting too! I’m anxious to get in the house and get things moving!!!

I am so thankful for how the Lord has blessed us today! If I don’t get back up on here this weekend, have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Boy

I love when I’m able to really see the hearts of my kids, and this week I was able to do just that. Justin had a quite the load of cash from his birthday and it has been burning a hole in his pocket. He’d spent a little here and there, but still had $40 left. I needed to pick up some things from Target and decided to have some “one-on-one” time with my boy so I took him along.

We picked up the things I needed and he asked if we could go look at the toys because he had brought his birthday money. I agreed and away to the Lego aisle we went! There was this Lego Star Wars set and a Lego City set that he wanted, but the 2 of them together totaled up to more money than he had. He decided on the Lego Star Wars because it had 8 Droids in it....Then he wanted to look down ALL the aisles to see if there was anything else that he may want.

And I agreed.

We hadn’t been looking very long when he saw a Mater car set that was $15 dollars and he wanted to get it for Benjamin! I said that was very sweet and he put it in the cart. Then he found a Star Wars action figure that he wanted too, but he wasn’t going to have enough to get both of them. He thought about it for a moment and said, “So, I won’t have enough to get both of these?” I told him ‘no.’ He says, “Okay.”

And then he put the Star Wars action figure back. He wanted to get something for his little brother. Then he was scouring the aisles to see if he could find something for Gabe too. He wound up back at the action figure because he said Gabe would really like it. But he still wouldn’t have enough for all of them. I went ahead and told him that I would cover the extra $2. He was so happy.

My heart was so touched by his selflessness. He could have very easily spent all the money on himself, but he chose not to. He chose to include his brothers too. He said that he wants to be able to get more money and get something for Haeley, Jasmine, Matthew, and Cullin too. We pulled up to the house and he says:

“Mommy, do you know why I like getting stuff for other people too? I like it because it really makes me feel good. Giving other people stuff makes me really feel good inside.”

Be still my heart.

What a day

We went to a new church today and both Brad and I really did like it. Our Sunday School class was great and service was really good too. There was only one downfall for me. All the kids, Benjamin and Justin included sit in service with us. Only preschool age and younger have a children’s church type program. I’ll have to plan a little for Sunday mornings and bring some activities for them.

After church we drove to the new house to see how long it would take us to get to church, and to our delight it was only about 20 minutes! We went to Brad’s brother’s house from there and enjoyed lunch and football! I love getting to see our family like we’ve been doing. I didn’t realize just how much I missed it while we were in Indiana. It’s good to be back with the family.

We were all happy to see the Jets win the game! Now, let’s hope they beat the Steelers next weekend and the Packers beat the Bears! :D Looks like we have a good Superbowl game brewing!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another week of school

We’ve got another week of school down. I have the grade book completely set up and I have all tests and work graded from this past week!! This weekend I will set up some more lesson plans and figure out some crafts to do with the kids over the next week. Justin said that he really wants to do some crafts, so I’ll have to see what I can come up with.

I am anxious for the close of our houses! The picture above will be the new school room. The older kiddos will sit at the counter and then I will have my little table for Justin and Benjamin. I have so many plans for that room---and the whole house for that matter. I am so thankful for being here at Mom and Dad’s but I’m looking forward to getting our stuff out of storage and settling back into our routine.

It’s now officially 13 days till closing on our house in VA. The official day for us to close in IN is the 31st, but we may close early if everything can be pulled together. I would LOVE to close early. Brad and I are already planning the new kitchen. We have a rough floor plan mocked up and have been cabinet and countertop shopping. We still have to figure all of that out, but it’s neat getting to design my kitchen. :D :D

We are going to try out some a new church this Sunday and we are hopeful that we will find our new church soon! I pray you have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spinning my wheels

Ever felt like your stuck in mud and just spinning your wheels trying to get out?? Here lately, that is how I’ve been feeling with homeschool. I’m having such a hard time staying on track and getting everything done on a daily basis as needed. We get our stuff done, but I have no daily schedule and it’s so easy to get off track!!

I know that is solely my own fault. I am the one who has to set the schedule but more than set it, I have to keep to it!!! The days I’m tired and not wanting to do school at the “set” time I need to push through and keep going. I want to make that schedule and keep with it. So, it will be my goal over the next several days to wake up, spend some time with the Lord, get ready, and get my kids up and ready so we can start the same time each day. I know the kids do so much better on a schedule, and truth be told, so do I....so why is it so hard to stick to it when I know it’s the best thing??? Ugh... me and my rhetorical questions. :-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Granny

For those of you who have never had the privilege of meeting Granny, I will now introduce you to her. This here is Annie Capps and she is my great grandmother. She is one of the most incredible women on the planet. To say that my life has been blessed by Granny would be an understatement. Granny will be 90 this March.

I claim that she will still be with us, because right now I can’t bear the thought of her not being with us. But right now, Granny is in the hospital and we are awaiting tests to see what’s wrong with her. I got to visit with her today and I’m very thankful for that. She slept most of the time, but I was optimistic because she recognized me and knew who I was. I don’t know what the future holds, but what I do know is that Granny is sick. My heart is so troubled because we just got back from Indiana and we have to make up for lost time.

But I don’t want to be sad right now. I want to think of all the good times with Granny. Growing up we spent so much time at Grandma’s house. Just about every Sunday we were at Grandma’s for Sunday lunch with the whole family. During the summers, we would go over and swim and make massive peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And egg sandwiches. Granny would make a mean egg sandwich.

She came to Japan to visit us when I was a child. I remember going to the airport and picking up Grandma, Granddaddy Leo, and Granny. We had so much fun while they were visiting. We showed them all the sights and I loved the time with just them. We went to Kamakura to see the Big Buddha and fed the squirrels from our hands. We went to visit a temple too. I was so happy having them visiting us. It meant so much.

Then we moved back from Japan and actually lived with my grandma and Granny for a short time. Granny would do anything for anyone. If you had a need, she did everything in her power to meet it. She would give you the shirt off of her back if need be---that IS the woman that she has modeled for me and all of us. You never heard her speak an unkind word about anyone. She is amazing. I love her with all my heart and I am praying that the Lord would perform a miracle and let us have her a little longer.

Take some time and let those close to you know how much you care about them. If you are holding a grudge, let it go. Life is too short to hold on to things that won’t last into eternity.

Granny, I love you.