Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Isn't he precious? Posted by Hello

Jasmine can kick! Posted by Hello

Check her out!!!! Posted by Hello

Gabe is Forward Punching. The instructor was trying to grab their hands when they punched and he barely touched her and then took off running... :) Posted by Hello

Haeley is "forward punching" Posted by Hello

KARATE!!! Posted by Hello

More Corn.....yummy..... Posted by Hello

MMMMMMM Corn on the COB! Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 25, 2004

look at how cute i am Posted by Hello

I climbed up on the box and I'm just standing her because I'm Justin and I can do these things now... Posted by Hello

Just hangin on Posted by Hello

Daddy!!!!! It's time to get up!!!! Posted by Hello

"Mama take my picture with Jhereg." Posted by Hello

Jhereg does not want to get out of the bed Posted by Hello

I will be a concert pianist when I grow up. Posted by Hello

Look at me! Posted by Hello

I fall in love with this baby over and over and over again! Posted by Hello

I'm a piano player Posted by Hello

I cannot get over how adorable he is! Posted by Hello
I know that it has been quite some time since I last posted and I'm sorry...But here are a bunch of cutie pictures... Posted by Hello

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I'm knocking over the basket of folded laundry...oh, that's because I can't be trusted. Posted by Hello

I have Thomas the train pj's Posted by Hello

...And in today's top headlines, we have "Godzilla Baby destroys middle class family's home" Posted by Hello

The Pool. Isn't well water just grand? Posted by Hello

We're just chillin.  Posted by Hello

IT'S COLD!!!!!!!!!  Posted by Hello