Friday, August 27, 2004

blah blah

okay... this is a test to see if i'm as uncapable blogging as i think i am...

Here is Shaggy at Cookie Cutters in the Hot Rod "seat"
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Jhereg got into a briar patch....
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Before they took her teeth
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Here is Miss Toothless eating some Apple Jacks
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Here is Shaggy at Cookie Cutters
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The tired Jasmine...she didn't nap.
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Here is "Shaggy" in the van
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doesn't he look thrilled?
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He was trying to give me a silly face, but I caught the smile..
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Mommy Sue and the kids
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Jasmine ready for her first day...
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Mommy Sue and her girls Posted by Hello

Justin and Mommy Sue Posted by Hello

Jasmine's first day of school! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Getting on the bus.... Posted by Hello

Backing up.... Posted by Hello

There she goes.... Posted by Hello

One happy family Posted by Hello

My first day of first grade Posted by Hello

I'm holding my baby brother Posted by Hello

Sisters Posted by Hello

My carrot cake Posted by Hello

I'm bedtime bear Posted by Hello

.... Posted by Hello

It took both the girls to hold him to do this..... Posted by Hello

PEAS!!!!! Posted by Hello

See what I've done... Posted by Hello

Rubber Duckey you're the make bath time lots of fun.... Posted by Hello

Yes???? Posted by Hello

My first breadstick Posted by Hello

Here we are again Posted by Hello