Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Too much to do and not enough time

It is December 21st. Christmas is in 4 days, Christmas Eve is in 3, Homeschool Christmas party in 2, and Haeley’s birthday is in 1 day. One day and I will have a teenager. I’m not done Christmas shopping or even birthday shopping for that matter. I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done. I am so stressed....

Last night I went shopping with my sister, Jenn. We had a god time just the two of us hanging out and talking. I love the time I get to spend with my family. Jenn and I went to Charming Charlie’s and I got several things for Haeley and Jasmine. I was going to give them to Haeley for Christmas, but I think it will wind up being more for her birthday unless I can find something today that screams “Haeley”.

We’ve not heard anything on our new house yet. I’m anxious to hear something and frustrated that we haven’t. I know in time we will hear something, but “in time” is taking a lot longer that I would like. We’ve not heard anything on the inspections for our house in Indiana yet either. Once we get a time for the inspection, I will be able to get a friend over there to get the water turned on and run for a while to get the “yuck” smell out. In today’s market though, I’m sooo thankful for a contract on our house.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

How I've missed this

This past week Justin turned 7. I have no earthly idea how that is possible---just yesterday he was 1, right? He rang in his 7th birthday with breakfast in bed cooked by his Papa. He had bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, a banana, and chocolate milk. He was so excited! Later he and I ran some errands and got some yakisboa for supper and then we went and ordered Justin’s cake. He had a football cake---it was supposed to be Colts, but it wasn’t. boo. It was still yummy and he really liked it.

This weekend we had Smith family Christmas at Brad’s brother, Mickey’s house. We have been having a blast! I have missed these get-togethers so much! We had a massive spread of food and family from all over here. There has been so much laughter and fun all around! Last night we stayed up until 1 something playing Apples to Apples. It was my first time playing the game and to say it was fun would be a bit of an understatement. If you’ve not played before you must play!!

In better news....we are a couple days away from a ratified contract on the house that we have an offer on. AND, in BETTER news, we have a contract on our house in Indiana!!!!! The inspection on that house should be sometime this week, maybe next. Here’s to a good inspection!

---and now I’m going to leave and watch the last quarter of the Colts and Jags. GO COLTS!!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I'm alive

...but just barely alive. Life over the past almost 2 months has been a bit of a roller coaster. We went to VA the middle of October and we stayed for 2 weeks. Over the course of those 2 weeks we looked at many houses. Many, many houses. And it was in that time that we found one that we liked. It was a beautiful home, but small. I was a little skeptical over the size of the house, but I fell in love with the kitchen and the possibilities of how we could make the house work for us.

After putting our offer in, it took a while to hear from the bank and then we played the wait and see game. We had the inspections done and wound up walking away from the house because the septic system was messed up. I was heartbroken. I knew in my head it was the right thing to do, but my heart had a hard time catching up.

Back in Indy for a week, the girls and I got the house ‘ready’ for the move. We didn’t finish everything we needed to and that prompted another trip back for Brad and I over Thanksgiving...I’ll get to that later. My girlfriend, Sarah, would not have us leave without giving us a proper going away party first---and that she did! We had a blast. That week before I left will truly be a treasured week because of the time we were able to spend together. So, we had a fantastic party and some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while came too. It was really special. The girls wound up spending the night there and I picked Brad up from the airport by myself that evening. The next day was an emotional day of packing and cleaning.

Sarah, Chad, Dani, and Philip all came over and helped us. It was so hard pulling away from the house, but we knew we had another trip on the horizon in two weeks so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We made it to VA with our Beverly Hillbilly trailer and got things going. Brad and I kept our bed out of storage and set it up on Mom and Dad’s sunroom. It’s nice getting to sleep in our own bed at night.

So the house hunting started again and we found a house right before Thanksgiving that we decided to put an offer in on. We had already looked at the house and I had said “no” from the beginning and I can see now why. Two days before Thanksgiving we put an offer in on the house and for “some” reason it was not received as of this past Monday. Our realtor went ahead and resubmitted the offer Monday afternoon and then we got a call on Tuesday....the bank that owns the house dropped the price of the house 58K!!!! We withdrew our offer and resubmitted at the new price! AND....drum roll....we were given a counter offer that we have accepted and should have a ratified contract Monday-ish. YAY! Then we will have 7 days to do the inspections and get everything going. BTW, I know the “some” reason, was God orchestrating all of this.

I’m very excited. And in other good news. We had 4 showings on our house this past week. Two of the showings came back with positive feedback. Prayerfully we will have more of an idea of what will happen this coming week.

Yesterday was Brad’s birthday. My man is 35. Brad’s little brother Luke’s birthday is today. Yes, their birthdays are a day apart. Luke and Melissa came up to VA and we went out to dinner and then we walked over to the mall and just had fun. Dinner was ‘okay’. We went to a Brazilian Steakhouse in Norfolk, and it was NOTHING compared to the one in Indy. But, the company was great and that made it all worthwhile. I did secretively let our waitress know it was Brad and Luke’s birthdays and they came out with cake at the end and embarrassed the dog mess out of the two of them! It was great.

Tomorrow we are going to check out a church near where our new house may be...I am prayerful that our hunt for a new church is not a long drawn out process....Have a great Sunday!!!