Saturday, January 31, 2009

a day to remember

I am so blessed. So blessed. Sometimes I look around at my family and I wonder why God felt that I was the right fit for this family. Last night Haeley went and stayed the night at her friend's house and Brad and I had the night with the other kiddos. Brad and the boys were playing Wii so Jasmine and I went into the kitchen to play Battleship. We got through two games. Jasmine won one and then I "won" the other---okay, I didn't win. I cheated. I saw her spots through the back door. I did admit when we were done that I had cheated and Jasmine laughed and thought it was funny.

This morning we woke up and got moving. Brad was getting ready to leave to take Gabe to karate and Benjamin did the cutest thing. He went upstairs and asked Jasmine if she would help him get dressed. She helps him and they come downstairs. I looked at Benjamin and I asked him why he was dressed. He said, "I want to go with Daddy to karate." I sent him up to tell Brad what he had done. I think Brad's heart melted a little because he told Benjamin that he could go. Benjamin was so thrilled! On the way home from karate Brad called and wanted to know if he should pick up Haeley so that we could all go sledding. I gave her a call and she decided that she wanted to stay at her friends house.

Brad and the boys got home and we all got ready to leave to go. Before we were leaving Brad asked Benjamin if he had gone potty and Benjamin said, "Yes. On Tuesday." Brad said, "You went potty on Tuesday?" And he said, "Yes, on Tuesday." I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. We went to the sledding hill and the kids had a BLAST! I went down once and bumped around so much and landed on my tailbone---that was all I did. Justin was up and down the hill more times than I can count! Jasmine was up and down the hill too and she was always looking out for her brothers to see where they were and if they needed help. Gabe was a little nervous but then he was all about going up and down that hill! Benjamin was really nervous and didn't like it at first but then Brad showed him a smaller hill and the two of them went down countless times.

After the sledding we went and picked up Haeley and then headed out to run some errands. We picked up an algae eater for the fish tank and then headed to Menards to look at some flooring for the foyer. On the way to Menards we found a woman who was stuck in the snow in Targets parking lot so we gave her a hand and pulled her out. It took all of maybe 2 minutes...from the time we asked her if she wanted help till we had her out. She was so grateful and said, "I wish I had some money so that I could pay you!" Both Brad and I told her that wasn't necessary and not to worry with it. Away to Menards we went. There we found some beautiful wood flooring for the foyer and front closet. I'm so excited! It's going to make a HUGE difference and look wonderful! I took a before picture tonight and I'm hoping that we have it finished up in a day or so and then I'll post the pictures of it. :)

We wound up getting the VeggieTales "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" movie and we sat down as a family to watch it this evening. Brad and I were sitting on opposite ends of the couch and had all of our kids between us. Everyone had a bowl of popcorn and I cherished this moment. I looked at all of our kids sitting next to each other. Loving each other. I looked at Brad and he too was looking at the same thing. We looked at each other and no words were needed. We both knew and thought the same thing: We are blessed. I have the most wonderful husband that I could imagine. He infuriates me sometimes and makes me want to scream, but I love him all the same. I love him more today than the day we were married. We have grown as individuals, but we have grown together as a couple. Thank you Lord, for the blessings of my family.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Couch ponderings...

I'm sitting here on my couch watching President Obama's speech. I'm sure many of us are pinching ourselves to make sure that this day is not a dream. I found myself in my bedroom this morning on my knees praying for the direction of this country and for wisdom for our new President. I find that in times of change we find ourselves scared and not ready for what is ahead of us. And I would be lying if I said that I was not feeling scared and apprehensive for what is ahead. I do not agree with all of President Obama's views, but likewise, I did not agree with all of John McCain's views. What I do know is this...We are a great nation. Today is a day in history as Barack Obama became our 44th President. I did have to chuckle as President Obama stumbled in the swearing in. He's human just like the rest of us. He can, has and will make mistakes. He is no different than the rest of us. I will commit myself to pray for our new leader and this country.

As we watched, all of my kids were sitting around me and there were questions from just about all of them. During Rick Warren's prayer, Gabe was concerned and wanted to make sure that Rick Warren was a Christian. Gabe's got such a tender heart. They wanted to know why people kept opening their eyes during the prayer---I laughed and told them that they wouln't know that other people had their eyes open if they had THEIR'S closed. ;) When the swearing in began and they said, "Please rise." Haeley, Jasmine, and Gabe all jumped to their feet. Then they looked at me and said, "Do we have to stand too?" Once again, I laughed and told them "no" and they sank back down into the couch. Justin's question which was asked many times was, "Mommy???? Is it almost over YET??" He was ready for lunch and as most 5 year olds doesn't really care at all about our government and this day in history. And now, my kids are crying so I need to go.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay, so my friend Ainsley over at ChattahoocheeMama is having a fantastic giveaway! Who doesn't love some awesome and FREE jewelry???? There are some really beautiful pieces and several that I'm finding myself dreaming about. ;) Go to check out Ainsley's website and enter yourself into the giveaway. And who knows, maybe I'll throw something up here before too long.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hum Drum...

I really don't want to blog right now, but maybe it'll be good for me to write a little...I had my appointment with ENT today and we talked about the possibility of surgery. It appears that it would be very precarious---or maybe it just seems that way to me. I would lose the right side of my thyroid and I wonder if that would send me into hypothyroidism or if I would be okay. I know that the radioactive iodine (RAI) would most likely take several treatments and in the following days after the treatment I would not be allowed around the kids, prepare food, sleep in the same bed as my husband and in essence I would need to be isolated. Considering that I've got five kids and I homeschool I'm not thinking that would be a good option. If I'm going to be honest, I've ruled out RAI treatment altogether. I don't want it done.

Surgery scares me. A lot. I didn't respond real well to the anestheia when I had my diagnostic surgery a couple years ago. In fact it was supposed to be out patient surgery, but they had to keep me overnight. They did use a different anestheia when I had my hysterectomy and I did fine with that one. But I don't know what kind they would have to use. It would be a 2-3 hour surgery. Since I have an overactive thyroid and the thyroid is a very vascular organ, the potential for a lot of bleeding is pretty high. That scares me. And there is the slight possibililty that they could hit my vocal cords and I could wind up hoarse for the rest of my life. I don't really like that either.

So then we have medication. There are some serious side effects with the medicine, but if you show signs of the serious ones they typically go away when the medicine is discontinued. BUT, they are serious enough to cause me some concern. I want to know what amount of people actually experience these side effects. How rare is it really? Is it 1 out of 10? 1 out of 100? 1 out of 1000? I don't want to be hasty in making a decision, but I also want to come to a decision soon because this is driving me crazy!

There is good news though. My doctor at ENT says that the cyst in my sinus cavity is not to be worried about. He's never had to remove one. And the congestion in my ears doesn't concern him. He also said that he does not think that I have chronic sinusitis. So that's all good. He gave me some exercises to help with my balance and dizzy spells. He also has me coming in for a hearing test. Hmmm. Oh, he said too that one exercise that really helps with the training for balance issues is bowling! I asked him if Wii Bowling was included in that. He kinda laughed and said that it's okay, but real bowling will help more because of the movements and actually having weight being thrown from your arm. All that to say, I think that Brad and I need to have weekly bowling dates. =)

If you think about it, lift up a prayer for Brad and I with this thyroid issue. We need wisdom to do the right thing. I hope all of you have had a great week!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's been snowing off and on the past couple days...our latest weather update says that accumulations are to be expected in the 1-3" range. With 3" being north of us. I really don't like the snow. I think it's pretty, but I don't like driving in it and I don't like how messy it makes my house! The kids will want to go out in it and after I get them all bundled up they spend maybe 15 minutes outside and then they are ready to come in. Shivering, they take off the gloves, boots, coats, and snow pants. They get dropped by the backdoor and sit in a puddle of melted snow until I go over and clean it up. But as they stand there with their teeth chattering I hear, "Mommy? Can we please have some hot chocolate?" And as every good June Cleaver mother, I oblige and quickly prepare some nice "warm" chocolate and a plate of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven!

Okay, reality check---the hot chocolate, yes. The chocolate chip cookies? Not so much. Although, maybe today I'll not allow history to repeat itself and I'll actually make them those chocolate chip cookies to go with the hot chocolate.

It's supposed to get COLD tomorrow and stay there for a couple days.. The weather man has said that our highs will be in the single digits and we can expect some below zero temps. BRRRR!!!! I guess if I'm going to let them play in the snow, today would be the day. It is still cold out today. Right now it's all of 16 degrees out and quite chilly. But right now we are all nice and warm in our house. My boys are down in the playroom with their matching fleece jammies playing G.I. Joes. The girls are reading, breakfast is almost done in the oven and life is good.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home School

So after many sleepless nights (for me) Brad and I finally decided to switch our homeschool curriculum to A Beka Academy. It is a DVD based program that requires a lot less of me to make it run smoothly. I ordered it last Monday and got everything in last night and today was our first day with it. I absolutely LOVE it. More than me loving it though, the kids love it. Now, I know that may change in the next couple weeks, but for now, I'm going to go with that. This morning I had Haeley and Jasmine set up in the living room with the card table watching their DVD. Gabe was in the dining room on my laptop watching his. Justin was upstairs on Starfall and Benjamin was in the playroom playing with Legos and watching "LeapFrog Letter Factory". I was exhausted by 1 o'clock from running from each room making sure the kids were okay and seeing if they needed anything else. But, I'm so thankful for this program.

It may sound silly to some, but I found myself close to tears as I was able to see that I really have the tools that I need for this season in our lives to home school my children. I was even able to do some "school" with Justin and Benjamin! We made Rice Krispy Treats and they loved getting to count out the marshmallows and measure out the Rice Krispys. I think having the older kids doing the A Beka will enable me to really do some preschool work with Justin and hopefully work on some character traits that he's struggling with. I pulled out my "Growing Kids God's Way" workbook today and I've started perusing that again. It's so easy to get off track with anything, but I want my parenting to be where it should. I don't want to yell and I want to really hold my family to a standard that is pleasing to the Lord.

Joshua 24:15 says, "And if it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

I want that for our home. As for me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord.

Gabe's Baptism

We were so blessed to watch our son's baptism on Sunday. God has been so good and faithful to us and it is such a blessing to watch our son follow Jesus' example in baptism.

Rationalize much?

I have a problem with rationalizing things. And Friday was no different. :) My conversation with my girlfriend Shelly went like this:

Me: I really need coffee.

Shelly: Okay...? (I think she was afraid to find what road my mind had taken me down this time)

Me: So I was thinking....I have to go to Goodwill and you see since Starbucks is only all of 20 seconds away that would be the smartest time to go. After all, by going then, I would be conserving our gas since I'm already going to be there. AND, with the state of our economy, it is actually very smart of me to go because I will be putting money into our economy---therefore, boosting our economic crisis. AND, Starbucks will boost my mood thus making me a happier Mommy for my kids. Right? ;)

Shelly: (laughing) You have to blog that.

So here I am several days later---and blogging it. I love my Starbucks. I do find whatever reasons I can think of to go. I do think though that if I get an Espresso machine that I will stay home more and then not waste...err spend our money. And then have a happier husband. Right?

Baking 102

Okay so I know I haven't posted since the last baking disaster, but I tried again---and was VERY successful! I made some of the BEST cinnamon rolls! Brad and the kids were going crazy over them. It was so encouraging for me. And the best part, they were really easy. I need to make another batch because that is going to be Saturday morning's breakfast. All this to say, maybe there is some hope for me and baking after all.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Baking 101

Okay so I really would love to be "Mrs. Smith" but it's just not possible. Me and baking don't mesh all that well. Take this latest project. Yesterday I got a hair up my rear to make cinnamon rolls. I followed the recipe to the "T" and then popped them in the fridge with air tight saran wrap on them. I pulled them out this morning as the oven was preheating and then put them in the oven, made the glaze and waited. I could smell the cinnamon rolls and as I opened the oven they looked wonderful, but a little dry. hrmf. I put the glaze on and then finished up the eggs and sausage, prepared the plates and away I went. I caught Brad as he was coming downstairs and we came into the kitchen to eat.

The eggs were great. The sausage....I'm going to have to blame it on the brand this time. I've never butchered sausage. Never. These were the already made just pop in the microwave and cook sausages. They tasted rubbery. They were not eaten. Next the cinnamon rolls. I just don't get it. I really don't. They tasted dense and more like bread with a "fancy" topping. It just wasn't what I had hoped for. I have found a new recipe that I am going to try though and after this if I can't make it work I will no longer try to domesticate myself. It's too tiring and disappointing. :( Better luck next time I suppose.