Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Lord is Good.

I can't get into specifics, but I can say that even when faced with what seems like the unthinkable, God is still in control.

Psalm 34:19-20 says, "The righteous face many troubles, but the Lord rescues them from each and every one. For the Lord protects them from harm---not one of their bones will be broken."

What an encouragement that has been to me today. I know that MY God can handle and is already handling everything. I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt the prayers and the way that Brad and I are raising our children has protected them. I praise God for His hand is on every portion of our life. God is so good.

Father, I thank you for your continued blessing of faithfulness on my family. I thank you for protecting my children and instilling in Brad and I the importance of a Godly upbringing.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's for lunch?

Tuesday we were out running errands and Brad asked the boys, "Do you want a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets for lunch." Benjamin thought about it for a minute and said, "Donuts." Brad said, "Benjamin, do you want CHEESEBURGERS or CHICKEN NUGGETS?" Benjamin thought about it a minute more and said, "Mmmm...My want donuts." He got a cheeseburger and was not too pleased by it. BUT, I redeemed us and all the kids got donuts for breakfast yesterday. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

****This is a bit disturbing****

Oh my, oh my. That's all I can think to say right now. Whenever you get any of the Smith brothers together 'disturbing' is probably the only way to describe it! ;) The drive was not too bad. We stopped in Charelston, WV and stayed the night. From there it was only 3 hours to Sue's house. Sue only thought that Brad, the kids and I were coming...little did she know Luke, Melissa and Kayla showed up Friday night. And then Saturday morning there was a knock at the door and Sue 'knew' that it was us....BUT, it wasn't!!!!! It was Dan, Summer and their three kids. I don't think that Sue will ever trust us again!

Saturday afternoon I took Benjamin to Dan and Summer's hotel so that we could get him, Dory, and Reese to take a nap. We had a breakthrough moment---Benjamin ate a chicken nugget from Chic-fil-a!!! I was so excited...Benjamin doesn't eat meat. The only meat (if you can call it that) he will eat are hotdogs. And you can't be guaranteed that he will eat those. And then Monday morning when we had breakfast he actually ate a corn dog type thing---sausage and pancake on a stick---and he ate the sausage too!! Now yes I know that the sausage is a lot like a hot dog BUT he normally won't even eat breakfast sausage.

We went to Brad's cousin, Lois and her husband Mark's house for a barbeque Saturday night. She has a beautiful piece of property and an assortment of animals that the kids were able to play with. Sue's brother Randy came out also and we got to talk and visit with him too! We had a great time of fun and play. =) The kids played with the chickens, pet the goat, and watched the cows chase the billy goats too. They ran and ran and ran that evening. When we left Justin was alseep before we had been gone for 5 minutes. They all slept great that night!

Sunday morning Melissa, Sue, and I went to downtown Roanoke to market street. It was really cool. Roanoke has a ton of old buildings and it was just beautiful. There weren't as many vendors out as usual but it was still neat. We did get some homemade soaps. Mine is a lemon scented soap. It smells like the candy Lemon Heads. :) There were so many cool shops. We wanted to go to the bakery but it was closed on Sundays. After that we headed to the flea market and looked around at some stuff. There wasn't anything there that interested me and all of us were getting a little tired of walking so we headed out to the final destination---Wal-Mart. We picked up the groceries we needed then hit Starby's!!!! I was a little upset though because the barista made my Iced Carmel Macchiato wrong. You are supposed to layer the drink and he didn't. He mixed it all together and it's just not as good that way. I was going to take it back, but we had already been gone for quite some time and I didn't want to stay gone much longer.

Melissa and I made a yummy pasta salad (compliments of Dacia's recipes) and then sat down to relax with our computers for awhile. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed my laptop until this past weekend. I was able to download a bunch of stuff at Sue's house and I have greatly increased my iTunes library. It was mainly with free podcasts but still, you take advantage of that high speed while you have it. (side note: Brad likes high speed too. In fact, he got to talk to a VA state trooper about it. We are now a 2 ticket family!) Brad, Dan, and Luke went to the movies Saturday night and the kids got their baths and watched the "Bee Movie". Melissa and I wound up staying up until 2:30 talking.

SO, here we are driving back to Indiana and the kids aren't doing too bad right now. we've had a couple stops along the way but overall we are making good time.

While I'm thinking of it I will tell you of a couple "funnies" from the kids:

Brad says to Justin, "Hi there sleepy head." Justin says, "Don't call names Daddy. Mommy will put vinegar in your mouth."

Friday night in the hotel room Benjamin had his bug jammies on. He was laying in the bed and started to giggle. He pulled his feet out from under the covers and put his legs up in the air while wiggling his toes and saying, "Look at my lady bugs!!! I got lady bugs!!!" We think he was referring to his toes as his lady bugs. He's so funny!

Haeley was very concerned about the size of Sue's house. Haeley knew that Luke and Dan and their families were going to be at Sue's and wanted to make sure that Sue didn't have a trailer anymore because there wouldn't be enough room for all of us.

.....I'm sure there are more and as I think of them I will add them. :) I hope everyone has had a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend!

Bathroom Break

Hope everything came out okay! =)

Luke is stupid

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Speedy Gonzales visits....

Well, today was a very busy and eventful day! We got up and headed to church for praise team practice. That lasted about an hour and then we had a couple errands we had to run. We did that, got home and Brad cut the grass while I picked up inside. Then one of the little girls came over to apologize and we visited with them for a little bit. After they left we got the boys down for thier naps and then Brad had to leave to start getting stuff set up for the church picnic thing we had going on. Brad took Haeley and Gabe with him. Jasmine had to work on her science project. Justin woke up and then I had to wake up Benjamin so that we could get on the road. We had to run to Kroger and pick up some potato salad and beans.

I was mentally running through the list of things I had to get when I checked my rear view mirror and saw red and blue flashing lights. I glanced down at my speed and I knew. I quickly pulled to the side, rolled my window down and tried to remain composed. The officer came to the window and said, "Ma'am I need your license registration." I thought, "Crap...I'm not even getting the option of a warning...he's gonna give me a ticket." He asked me if there was a particular reason why I was going over the speed limit. I was honest with him---I said, "I was on my way to the grocery to pick up some stuff for our church picnic and honest to goodness I just wasn't paying attention." I was going 50 in a 40...We have to pay $150. I was/am so upset. I have *never* gotten a speeding ticket---not to say I haven't deserved one. But it was just un-nerving. Brad didn't realize how upset I was. As much as this bugs and upsets me I know that it will make me more cautious in the future. Oh I should mention that Benjamin didn't want to stop talking about the 'powleece man'....and Justin feels it's up to him to tell everyone as well. Great.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

Open mouth insert foot. I feel somewhat stupid. I called Brad today and asked him if I could go to Kohls and get the waffle maker that I had been wanting. He immediately shut me down and I was crushed. Not just that, I had kinda planned on having bacon, eggs, and waffles for dinner tonight. I didn't want to do pancakes because I wanted something different. So back to the drawing board. Brad called and told me to order something for dinner tonight because he still had to stop at the grocery and he was going to be a little late from work.

I order Pizza Hut for dinner. We are anxiously awaiting our pizza. All of us are starving. I had told the kids that the pizza would get there around when Daddy got home. Well Daddy got home and still no pizza. He gave me the milk and peanut butter he bought and then had Justin give me a bag with 2 boxes of pancake mix. Then Brad gave me another bag...from Kohls. Yes, Brad went to Kohls and he bought me the Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker that I had been wanting. =) =)

And then the phone rang. It was Pizza Hut. Apparantly they don't deliver to my house. But wait, they've delivered here before. I told them that I would come and pick it up. I went outside frustrated and told Brad that I would be back. He told me to call and cancel the pizza and we would order from Papa Johns. I told him that would take at least another 1/2 hour and I would just go to Pizza Hut. He said, "No...cancel the pizza. We'll make waffles!"

I did just that. I called Pizza Hut and told them that I have 5 kids and I was not about to drive up there and pick up pizza that was supposed to be delivered. I canceled the pizza, made waffles and the kids were thrilled! Belgian waffles are so yummy. And I love my waffle maker!!!!


'Nuff Said.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Punks part 2

Okay, so here's the latest:

-teacher was furious
-principal was livid
-4 little punks, not 3 =)
-must write letter of apology to my daughter
-must write letter of apology to me and Brad
-must replace water bottle
-ISS on field day and Slime the principal day

One of the parents called and apologized and we are going to meet in a couple days so that her daughter can apologize face to face. It will be hard but definitely a life lesson. I'm still upset, but happy that this isn't being swept under the rug.

Gotta run...more later

....edited Friday morning....

All the parents were horrified and said that there would be consequences at home as well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Little Punks

Just when I start to doubt home schooling I'm faced with something that confirms in my heart and spirit that home school is the right choice for my family. This evening as I was making dinner, Jasmine told me that some girls at school were being mean to Haeley again. About a month ago I found out that there were some girls that were making fun of Haeley because when she gets really mad she cries. I was so upset and I gave the girls some 'coping mechanisms'.

Apparently today while Haeley was in another class 3 girls took her water bottle off of her table space. Then they put rubber cement on the top of it. Wiped it off. Took it into the bathroom and dropped it into the toilet, pulled it out and 'cleaned' it off. Then they dropped it in the trashcan. After that they put it back on her table space and waited for her to come back to class. She came back and took a drink and then they told her what they had done.

I am so furious. I'm calling the teacher 1st thing in the morning. I'm not putting up with kids treating my children this way. I'm very angry though and I'm trying to sort through my anger because I know that I need to keep my focus on Christ in all of this. I'll let you know how it turns out.

April Showers bring May Showers

I'm just ready for Spring to be here...but no. Yes, I do have some flowers so I guess the saying "April Showers bring May flowers" could be true and accurate, but what I'm finding is that we just have more showers. I'm tired of the rain. =( I know I'm whinning. So sorry.

We head to Roanoke VA in a couple weeks for Memorial Day. I'm hoping for beautiful weather and a peaceful drive. I'm also hoping that gas prices will drop...please...please...I know that I'm fooling myself, but I can still hope, right?

Emma has really fit in nicely with the Smith crew. Benjamin is amazing with her. He will tell her to sit, lay down, and come---and she listens! Justin looks at her and says, "Crate" and she goes straight to her crate. She is going to go with us to Roanoke. I'm so happy that we are able to take her and that we don't have to board her. When we boarded her for the VA trip she peed all over the floor when I picked her up. It was kinda funny. She was so excited to see me. She's definitely my dog. Emma follows me everywhere. =) I'm going again...I'll try to blog better.

They are driving me crazy!!!!

My kids are driving me crazy. I called the mental institution and they're going to put a room on stand-by for me.

Let's see.....

Today, Justin told me that Benjamin 'cracked the knuckles in his head'. They were wrestling around and being themselves...I'm hoping for a GOOD nap time today. I've got laundry to fun fun. Speaking of that, I'm going to go and put the boys down for their naps, make some lunch for me and then fold laundry. WHOO HOO!!!!!