Friday, June 08, 2007

As promised

As I blogged the other day we are in VA for the next couple weeks and the kids are loving getting to play in the pool and spend time with thier cousins. We have an eventful weekend planned. :) I have missed being back here with my family, but I really do not miss the traffic at all! It's amazing how quickly I've adapted to the small town life. I'm honestly not sure if I will ever want to move back to Virginia Beach. I never imagined I would say that. I love our house, yard, church, neighborhood...BUT I also don't know what God's plans are for me and my family...Okay so I'll get off of that rabbit trail. :) Here are some pool shots of the kiddos...I think I've got all the kids in this batch. Enjoy!

Here's most of the crew....and.... Haeley Bug's foot.......

Matthew's up and the kids turn on Tom!

They still love eachother after 21 years!

Jusitn has no fears!

Anything Justin can do I can do better...or so he thinks. :)

Gabe is enjoying his time and Cullin paused for a moment to please me!

Someone save us from Tom!!!!

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