Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to Hell (Gem from Justin)

Brad and I had nursery the Sunday night before last. Justin was in the nursery with us and all the kids were playing. Brad was holding Samuel on his lap and Justin was talking and playing with Samuel. It was really cute. I wasn't paying much attention because I was reading to Anna Grace.

All of a sudden I hear, "JUSTIN! We don't say that! Where did you hear that from?!"

Justin, "I don't know."

Brad, "Justin, you aren't in trouble, but we don't say that. Where did you hear that from?"

Me, "What did he say??????"

Brad whispers, "Hi Samuel! Welcome to Hell."

Me stifling laughter, "What??"

Brad, "Justin, where did you hear that?"

Justin, "From the movie Mommy bought."

Me, "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Then it hit's in Ratatouille. Guess we'll be shelving that movie for now....

1 comment:

theokasan said...

I have told everyone this story .
I just love it !
Only I thought you told me that he said it to one of the adults that came in for their child .
This is a good as Ainsley telling her little one they can't have a cat cause daddy is allergic , and her little one is crying and responding with , no , daddy's not a jerk !
I love it .
I just keep thinking ....
In church , there he is ...