Thursday, October 02, 2008

Has it been 4 days since I last posted?

Wow, time sure does fly!!! Tonight is my First Place meeting! I'm anxious to see how I've done this past week...I know that I haven't eaten the best, but as long as I haven't gained I'll be happy. It's been a busy and somewhat of a difficult week. I started having my dizzy spells again and they have really kicked my butt this go around. I went to the doctor and she pretty much blew me off and put me on medication that I'm supposed to take 4 times a day. "It may make you sleepy though." Hello??? I have 5 kids. Being sleepy during the day is a luxury I can't afford! I've been monitoring my blood pressure and pulse and they keep doing funky stuff so I made an appointment with MY doctor on Monday. I told them I want a COMPLETE physical. I'm going to find out what's going on.

We've had revival at church this past week too. I wasn't in service Tuesday or Wednesday night because I had nursery, but Sunday am, pm and Monday pm was awesome. We had several decisions for Christ too! God is good! I want to go and see "Fireproof"...that was very random. I must be losing it!!!

We didn't have anything to eat for breakfast today so I took the kids to Bob Evans. We had a nice little math lesson sitting in Bob Evans. I totaled up how much the kids food cost and then we looked at how much it would cost if we just made it at home. It was a bit of an eye opener for the kids. We have all of our homeschool material minus our math! YAY! I'm working on lesson plans now and we will start with this new material Monday morning! The kids don't know yet. We've been doing little stuff, but we are really going to do a lot this coming week. I'm excited! Alright, I gotta go get ready for First Place! I'll try to update this tonight. =)

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