Thursday, November 06, 2008

I can't think of a title....

I heart DonnaYoung. I now have a word processing program that is worth something! AND, I have a whole set up for grades, attendance, lesson plans...the whole nine yards. All from DonnaYoung. I've been trying to figure out what I was going to do for quite some time and I'm *thrilled* that I've found something.

Benjamin has been sick for the past two weeks. He's had a cold and I've just dealt with that because it is the time of year for colds. But Monday night he started having drainage from his left eye. I figured it was sinus-y. Then on Tuesday he decided to spike a 104.7 fever! I got a hold of the doctor and she told me to try and keep it down the Tylenol and Motrin until morning. She said, if I couldn't keep it down or if he started complaining of his head hurting or if he started throwing up to take him straight to the ER. I was a little on edge, but knew thing would be okay. Yesterday morning we went in and saw Dr. Hensley and she checked him out and said that he indeed had a sinus infection. He's on augmenten but he's still got fever whenever the Motrin or Tylenol wears off. And I have to hide the augmenten in chocolate milk, because he doesn't like it otherwise. Little booger!

I'm going to hit the sack, but I'll update more tomorrow. G'nite!

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