Friday, July 10, 2009

Where I've been

(I took this pic with my iPhone)

No real good excuse---just not been in the blogging mood. We were in VA for a couple weeks and then my sister in law, Melissa, and niece, Kayla, came back to IN with us for about a little over a week. When we got back we had VBS and it wore us out!!! Melissa and I were beat on a daily basis! Luke was supposed to get here on Friday of Father's Day weekend, but he surprised her and all of us and showed up a day early. It was so great getting to see family both in VA and here. I've missed it terribly!

While I was gone, Brad got bored and decided that we needed another project and he took down the wall between the spare bedroom and our bedroom. He has built us a new closet and is also expanding our bathroom. We are going to move the laundry room upstairs into our old closet. Then we are going to knock out the wall between the laundry room and library and the library closet. Once we do that we will turn the back area into the playroom and guest room. Then I *think* I'll turn the current playroom into more of my schoolroom. We have a LONG way to go to get from where we are now to where I want it to be. We'll get there.

We went on our first family canoe trip at Sugar Creek. Luke, Melissa, and Kayla were with us. It was a BLAST. Haeley and Gabe learned (finally) how to work together and were able to make it down the section of the river relatively problem free. Jas and Kay were in a canoe together and after a bit of a rocky start they got the hang of it and did wonderful! Benjamin and Justin went between Luke and Melissa's canoe and mine and Brad's. It was so pretty and we got to enjoy being on the water. I can't wait to go back. We really enjoyed ouselves, except my camera and Luke's watch met the creek. Luke couldn't find his watch and after leaving my camera in rice for 3 days I have given up on it. :( We are on the search for a new camera.

The day after Father's Day we went to the Creation Museum in KY. It was really interesting and thought provoking on many parts. There was one part of it that really shook Gabe up and he still has had nightmares and scary moments since. I know that he will get through it, but it kills me that he has so much fear. Just last night he slept with Brad and I because he was so upset...gut wrenching sobs coming from him. We prayed with him and for him. I pray that this passes.

We had a gentleman at our church go home to be with the Lord on the 26th of June. He had been battling pancreatic cancer. He passed on his wife's birthday. It was a difficult time. We had his homegoing service on Wedensday the the 1st. It was a beautiful service. Brad was a pallbearer and the kids and I sat in the back. They did really good in the service. I had all of them with me and it was a good thing at times because they helped keep me from getting real emotional. ;-) We are blessed to have known Steve.

Our 4th of July was nice and wet. It rained and rained and rained!!! The week before was so cool I was wearing jeans and (light) long sleeved shirts. I *loved* it!! We had some friends over and I made ribs and some other things---my mind is blanking on me now. :) We've had a couple pool days this week and the kids have really been in heaven. Tuesday I went with my girlfriend Sarah and her 3 boys. While we were there Sarah's middle boy Ethan (4) was teaching Benjamin how to swim with water wings on. My heart melted watching the two of them. At one point Ethan said to Benjamin, "Do you need to hold my hand?" It was so sweet. We spent almost 6 hours at the pool!! Today though Sarah backed out on me and left me to my lonesome. ;-) She wasn't feeling well so they didn't come. We had a good time today and Benjamin was even more confident in his water wing swimming! We stayed today for a good 5 hours. The kids were WORE out today. They were all in bed by 9. Haeley was falling asleep. Benjamin was asking if it was time for bed yet....they were tired.

Haeley got her new glasses this week. Unfortunately they were the EXACT same prescription as the ones she got and lost last year. She looks very cute in them. We had the rule though---if they are not on your face they are with Mommy. We can't afford to lose these as well. Justin has been amazing Brad and I over the past several weeks. We have seen a tremendous maturing in him. He is controlling himself and making a real effort to make better choices. PRAISE GOD!!! I'm so thankful for that!!! Jasmine is Jasmine. Tonight at dinner Haeley was really excited about the new bathing suits that I got her today. We are eating and she is describing all the little details to Brad about these suits. Jasmine is sitting there eating with this "look" on her face. Next thing you know she looks at Brad and rolls her eyes as if to say, "Oh she goes again!" Brad and I both saw it and started grinning and Jas was grinning from ear to ear too! I am so blessed by this family!!

I'll end on this....last night we were working in the garden. Brad had tilled up a section and Benjamin came out. Benjamin starts commenting about how he likes the dirt. He's walking through it and says, "I like the dirt Daddy. I like it because it's brown. I like brown things. Daddy, Daddy, poop is brown too. So, I like poop." hahahahaha....

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