Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And the house is on the market!

What a busy two weeks. I keep sitting down to post on here and I get side tracked and stop. Let’s see. On Monday the 4th the house officially went on the market. I am excited and so super sad at the same time! We have done sooo much to it and I’m thrilled that it is ‘ready’.

Today we got new carpet installed in the bedrooms, hallway, stairs, living room, and school room. It looks *amazing*. While the carpet was going in I got a phone call to show the house at 6:15 this evening!!! I immediately started stressing and feeling sick to my stomach. The girls were here with me and the boys were at a friends house. We busted our behinds getting the house ready. Bug, Jazzer, and I were EXHAUSTED by the time we were done and although it wasn’t “perfect” it was pretty darn close. I picked the boys up, then grabbed the girls and we went to a friend’s for dinner while the house was showing. Here’s to hoping it “showed” well!!!

Tomorrow pictures will be taken of the house and hopefully we will get some offers coming in. The Lord really has blessed us with this house and I will miss it greatly. I will miss my friends even more though. I can’t imagine not having this amazing people in my day to day life anymore.

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