Sunday, February 06, 2011

Working like a dog

Here’s the rundown from the past week:

-Closed on our house here
-Have NOT closed on our house in IN (supposed to be Valentine’s Day now)
-Have unpacked one PackRat completely
-Gutted the kitchen
-Old floor up in the kitchen
-New floor going down in the kitchen
-Drove over 120 miles in one day
-Started living in our house
-Had our first birthday party in the house
-Jasmine is 12! much more going on, it’s been crazy!

Gabe stayed at my folks house Friday night and last night too. Last night Uncle Mickey took Haeley home, Uncle Luke and Aunt Melissa took Jasmine and Benjamin and we have Justin. Justin would not do well as an only child! He does NOT like playing by himself or not having someone else with him. He was a great helper for Brad last night with the floor. Then the two of them got ready for bed and watched part of “UP!” in our room. He is LOVING the one on one.

Off I go....I think a little JT has his first tooth that’s about to get pulled! All my IN friends, stay warm and safe!!!

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