Saturday, December 13, 2008


Since it's been over a month since I last posted I could make this really long. BUT, I'll really try to not bore you with all the details. :)

The Monday before Thanksgiving I had a doctor appointment with Endocrinology. My TSH levels had dropped from my last test. In October my levels were .02---it is supposed to be between .3 and 4.5. When they rechecked me the TSH had dropped to less than .01. I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, but as of right now we aren't sure exactly what type of hyperthyroidism I have. Apparently there are several different types. This coming Wednesday and Thursday I have an "uptake and scan" scheduled to figure those out and then on Friday I have an ENG and MRI scheduled to try and figure our the dizzy spells. I feel like I'm falling apart! Hopefully by the New Year I will know what's going on.

Jasmine got sick right before Thanksgiving and I thought that was going to potentially derail our after Thanksgiving VA trip, but it didn't. In fact, I thought that we would just have a very low key Thanksgiving with my husband and kids. Little did I know, my sister had been in cahoots with Brad and she flew in on Wednesday to surprise me. It was DEFINITELY a surprise. I had NO clue she was coming. Wednesday night the sickness continued with Justin and Haeley. Justin threw up all on Brad as he was going to carry him up to bed. Then during the night Haeley woke me up because she had thrown up too! Then on Thanksgiving Gabe ran a 102 fever all day. Whoo hoo! We had ham, mac n cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple crisp pie. It was delish!

We did leave out of here on Friday and low and behold Friday night on the road Justin started with diarrhea. Poor little guy. And he felt the need to share it with me. Lovely. We made it to my folks Saturday around 5 pm. It definitely took longer than I would have liked. Jenn then got sick on Sunday and Brad followed suit Monday night.

While in VA, Brad was able to go surfing twice. I know that he really enjoyed being back out in the water again. He and I also got to go on a lunch date to the Cheesecake Factory. MMMM! It was our first time going there---why did it take us so long??? We also ran into some old friends, Robb and Shaula, in the Cheesecake Factory. What a nice surprise! Then we went shopping at Kohls and visited for a couple minutes with our good friend, Lettie. That night we went to see the lights on the beach with my family and that's when Brad really started feeling sick. I felt awful for him!

Tuesday Brad was still not feeling well and Mom wasn't feeling all too hot either so I loaded the kids up and we headed down to the mall. I let them ride the carousel and they loved it! I wish we could have done it a couple more times. Riding that with them brought back memories of me taking Cullin and Matthew on it. I took the kids to the food court and we had lunch and then browsed the mall. I was going to get their picture taken with Santa, but he wasn't going to be there for a bit yet. :( By the time we got home Brad had gotten up and showered and appeared to be feeling a bit better. He even ran some errands with Dad that night.

Wednesday wad Brad's birthday. He and the kids went down to see his step dad for a bit and I wasn't feeling too hot that morning so I stayed back. As the morning went on I started to feel better so Mom and I headed to run some errands. We went to the mall and I got a couple new bras from VS. Amazing how when I was fitted a month ago the woman put me 2 cup sizes above where I should be!!! We got some Christmas presents and then we also picked up some stuff for our Japanese dinner we were doing that night. We had yakisoba, sushi, and miso soup. It was so good! The kids loved the sushi! :) :) I have raised them right! ;-) We did a couple presents, cake and then it was time for the kids to go to bed.

Thursday we headed to Brad's brother's. Mickey and Joyce have 4 kids and we were bunking with them for a couple days as the whole Smith crew was beginning to descend upon their house for a get-together. Brad's Mom got in that afternoon and then Dan and Summer and their 3 kids arrived that evening. That night Joyce, Sue and I headed out to go 11. Kohls didn't close till 12, so we hit there first and I got a fabulous hat and scarf and some jewlery too! By the time we made it to Wal-Mart I was exhausted, but we browsed, and bought stuff and had fun. :)

Friday we hung at the house and Brad, Mickey, and Dan put up a gate across the driveway so the dogs could go out without leaving the yard. That evening the fun was about to begin. Luke, Melissa, and Kayla were getting in that evening. We had 22 Smith's in the house and then there was extended family also. My dad, mom, sister and nephews came. Brad's cousin Pam and her daugher MacKenzie, and then Brad's Aunt Marilyn and three of her children came. It was a full house (33 to be exact) but wonderful! I loved every second! We did Christmas that night. The kids got presents from Mickey and Joyce, Sue and then my folks. Mom and Dad bought us a Wii for Christmas and I love it! We all do!

So since we've been back we've been trying to get back into the routine of school and juggling life. Next week will be tricky as I have my appointments, but we'll make it work. We also haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet, so I've got to get that done! There are some funny stories that I've got of the kids, but I need to get off of here and tend to my Christmas tree and decorations. I really will try and do better updating this...and yes, I know, I've said that before...

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