Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, as always we've had a busy couple weeks. I am so exhausted lately and the last thing I want to do it put 2 thoughts together on the blog. Hopefully we'll get all this mess with my thyroid figured out and then things will be better! Last Sunday I had a good 40 ounces of coffee before church and I was still falling asleep in service! It was ridiculous!

I did manage to get all of my Christmas shopping done. Although I was out on Christmas Eve trying to get finished up. We had a really nice Christmas. The kids were thrilled with everything. Legos were a HUGE hit for the boys and Haeley *loved* getting Mall Madness. I think Jasmine is really digging her flexible pogo stick thing. She's been using it in the house the past couple days...Spring can't come soon enough so I can send all the kids outside to play and burn some energy! BUT until it does, I just have them do the Wii Fit for a little while and get some of that energy out. =) They are really cute with it too. Benjamin even has his own Mii character and does several of the activities. We didn't have a big Christmas dinner because I forgot that I didn't have my roaster pan! Instead we had chicken, mashed potatoes, and cresent rolls. And the big news was that Benjamin ate some of it all! He can be such a picky eater so this was WONDERFUL! We got the kids to bed and then Brad and I went outside and sat at the bonfire with cups of hot chocolate. It was such a nice way to end a wonderful day. Before we opened presents that morning Brad read the Christmas story and then he played his sax and we all sang Christmas songs. Brad was praying and I happened to look up at the kids and saw Jasmine with her hands high above her head outstretched in praise. I teared up watching my little girl. I'm so thankful for my God sending his Son to take the place of my sin.

Our weekend has been a nice one. Yesterday it was absolutely gorgeous! We got up to 67! In DECEMBER!!!!! I opened windows and aired the house out. Brad installed ceiling lights in the kids rooms and replaced the alternator on the Neon. I started cleaning the boys room and then my girlfriend Corrie from GA came over to visit. It was so great seeing her. Before she moved to GA she would come over once a week for dinner and we were able to visit and become very good friends. I loved getting to see her. We also all went out to lunch today at Panera.

This evening Haeley and I went to Target and had coffee and did a little shopping before meeting Brad and the kids at Kroger to go grocery shopping. All in all it was a great night!

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