Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ho hum.

How on earth is it April 29th already?!?!?!?!? I can NOT believe time has flown by so quickly. This past Sunday we were blessed immensely by a lady in our church, Terri. She is wonderful and is giving Jasmine riding lessons. It is amazing because it’s not just about learning how to ride the horse but learning how to handle the horse. Dollar, the horse, was a little wound up when we got there, but Jasmine was able to learn so much so quickly. Dollar’s back was bothering him so Terri used the English Saddle for Jasmine to ride and she did AWESOME! Jasmine had such control over dollar that it was crazy. She really impressed both me and Terri.

We are working on the master bath. It’s only taken 10 months, but that is still quicker than some projects that we have started. ;-) I’ll post some pictures of before and after once we get it done. We are tiling tonight and the jacuzzi tub will be delivered tomorrow. Brad and I are having some difficulties seeing eye to eye on the wall tile for the tub/shower and for the vanities. Ugh. I know we will figure it out soon, but until then....

Today the girls are doing the associational drill for Bible drill. I am so proud of them! They are learning so much scripture that it is crazy! They can get to the books of the Bible in no time at all and they enjoy what they are learning. This year, Jasmine did better at our church drill than she did at state last year!!! We have state drill on Saturday and then we are going to do another church drill during service one Sunday in May.

I think I have our curriculum for next year picked out. Now it’s just a matter of putting it all together and getting it ordered. I’m so excited for the kids---3 weeks and we are DONE!!!! I know they are super excited too!!! Alrighty, off I go...until next time!!!

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