Saturday, May 01, 2010

My Girls!

I am so proud of Haeley and Jasmine!!! They have worked so hard this year learning Bible verses and the books of the Bible. They ROCKED it today! AWESOME JOB GIRLS!!!!!!! They have improved so much since last year. Their confidence is probably the biggest difference I saw. Last year they were very unsure and somewhat confused, but this year was completely different. They knew what to expect and they really prepared and have taken God’s Word and hidden it in their hearts. They are amazing and I desire to know the Bible in the ways that they have learned. What’s really cool is that they don’t just memorize verses and such, but they actually learn what the verse means and find ways to make it personal to their lives. Gabe was able to compete, but he was not confident that he could do it. Next year will be quite a year of Bible Drill. Haeley and Jasmine will be in the Youth, Gabe will be in the 4th-6th grade level, and Justin will be in the 1st-3rd grade. I still can’t believe Justin will be 1st grade!!! Where on earth does the time go?? We got some pretty good pictures at Highland Lakes too!

After Bible Drill we ran to get a birthday present for Sarah’s son, Andrew. We were going to get a terrarium for a frog, but those were so blooming expensive and then there are so many other issues with setting the tank just right. Instead of a frog, we settled on a hermit crab and now Justin wants one too. The hermit crab was HUGE and poor Benjamin got scared out of his wits over it. Benjamin had a bit of a rough day; he got car sick 3 times on the way to Highland Lakes and then was heartbroken when I told him the party was not for him, but for Justin. Justin had a blast at the party and I’m thrilled for him. He told me at bedtime tonight that he made some new friends at the party too! :) The hermit crab was a HUGE hit too. :)

After I dropped Justin at the party I headed back to Menards to pick up Brad and the rest of the kiddos. I left them there so I could drop Justin off. We picked out our bathroom vanity, countertop, faucets for the sink and tub, and all the accessories we need. WHEW! We loaded everything up, came home, unloaded it, and then I picked up the little man.

Over the past several days we have been watching season one of “Leave it to Beaver”. Justin has a new nickname. Beaver. :D There are some many similarities that it’s not even funny!!! While I make dinner the kids watch “Leave it to Beaver”. It’s become a nice ritual. I love them coming and asking to watch it.

It’s now gotten late and we have church in the morning, so away I go!!!!! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Sunday!!!

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