Tuesday, February 13, 2007

...Still no School....

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and school is cancelled again. Jasmine is upset because she is missing her party at school so I have to make tomorrow special for her and the other kids. Hopefully Brad will make it home from his business trip tomorrow. I’m missing him. I’m also thinking that since school is cancelled the roads must be bad so I’ll probably cancel Benjamin’s doctor appointment and not go anywhere at all! I hate getting out in this weather!!

I tried walking outside tonight in Brad’s snow boots (since I don’t have any of my own). That was a mistake. We had sleet today for the better part of 5 hours. CRUNCH….CRUNCH…I almost fell at one point. That would have been good. All my kids in the house and I’m lying on the ground stuck and freezing because I decide to go “check things out.” I won’t be checking things out anytime soon now.

I’m listening to this song sang by Amy Stephens and I just want to share it with you because it is beautiful.

Your Grace falls on me
Like a hard pouring rain
And I’ll never no never
No I’ll never be the same

You give a peace
That I need so much
My troubles you ease
With your softening touch

So I fall on my knees
And I face the Son
And with all that’s in me
I cry out to the Holy One.

I carry a burden
I no longer can bear
So I place it at your feet
And I leave it there.

If you like it you should check it out…
www.myspace.com/amyjstephens I was blessed enough to go to high school with Amy. She kept “bugging” us to go to church and I’m so thankful that she did. It was because of Amy that I started going to church and eventually came to a saving knowledge of Christ. I would have nothing in my life that I do now if it weren’t for the Grace of God.

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