Monday, November 12, 2007

God still answers prayers!

Last night at church I was convicted by my lack of vision. We had a guest speaker, Dr. Davis. He said that if you are in the same place you were five years ago and not changing then you have lost your vision. Our Pastor had told us earlier that a lady at his 2nd church said, "Pastor, people do what they want to do." All of this hit me hard.

I sat there thinking about my quiet times and how often I have them. More appropriately, how often I don't have them. I thought about the last 5 years and tried to think of how many days I could say I actually had a quiet time. Forget the last five years, what about the last five weeks? The last five days? I already knew the answer, but it hurt me to think about how I've let all the little things of life get in the way of the important thing. Christ. His love for me.

So, I made a decision last night. I was going to change. I want my kids to see Jesus in me. I want others to see Jesus in me. I set my alarm clock on my cell phone last night for 6am. I never get up at 6 unless it's an absolute neccessary. I prayed before I went to bed and asked God to help me get up and to help keep the house (the kids) asleep so I could spend time with Him. My alarm went off and I didn't want to get up. But, I did.

I went downstairs and lit my candle, turned on my lamp and climbed into my chair. I wanted coffee, but I hadn't ground the coffee beans and I didn't want to risk waking up my "angels". I had a wonderful quiet time. I prayed for all of my kids, my husband, friends...the list went on. I've learned a little on the whole prayer front and I enjoyed praising God for who He is and all that He's done for me. I read part of Psalm 119 and prayed it back to God. God is so good.

I was able to shower and get dressed before the kids woke up. I made them breakfast, we got lunches packed and I read them the Bible and prayed with them before they went to school. They weren't rushed, I wasn't rushed. It was great. I've gotten a ton of housework done. I know that it is all because I started my day with God. I've gone back to Psalm 119 a lot this morning and I've been claiming my other verses (I'll share those later). I love being able to claim His promises! He is so good!

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jenn schreck said...

good job moe jo bones!!!!!

i love you and am so proud of you!!!!!!