Friday, November 09, 2007

I HATE Wallpaper

I decided I was going to be stupid and start stripping the wallpaper in my dining room. It's terrible! I think I'm going to hire professionals to come in and do it. Okay, so I really won't, but the idea is definitely tempting. I was making the dining room my winter project and since I sold my computer desk from in there I wanted to strip the wallpaper from that wall before I moved the piano onto that wall. WHAT WAS I THINKING???????? Why did I even want to take this project on. Now that I've started it I can't very well stop, but oh how I wish I could. I know that once it is all done I will be pleased and happy, but Golly! I didn't think it was going to go as slow as it's going. Any suggestions? I'll take all the advice (and help if you want to come over) that you can give me! =)

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jenn schreck said...

you better make sure it's down before i get there. i am *NOT* peeling wallpaper!!!!!!

a suggestion though... remember when mom had us help her peel wallpaper??? have the kiddos help you! but turn it into a game... it'll be "FUN"!!!! yeah... try that! : )