Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sitting a top my lap....

Is my new LAPTOP!!! I know, I'm a dork. The little things in life that excite me. I'm still getting used to the whole laptop deal, but having a blast with it. I *finally* got it all configured for the internet and I have my email accounts set up...granted, I haven't transferred all my email addresses over, but that will come in time.

Hmmm....what interesting things have happened lately....I know that a ton of things have happened and I keep saying that I'm going to post them, but I forget...oh well. Mom, if you remember anything that I was supposed to post shoot me an email and tell me. :)

Oh I remember some!!! HEE HEE HEE!

I think having Emma is going to open up so many areas for laughing! We got Emma a couple weeks ago and Benjamin has become obsessed with being a puppy dog himself. Two days after we got Emma I took her in to be groomed. The groomers gave Benajmin and Justin half a milkbone to give to Emma. Justin tried giving his to Emma, but she really wasn't interested. Benjamin then starts thanking the man profusely for the milkbone. I don't think anything of it and I turned around to finish conducting business. And then it hit me as I turned back to Benjamin....he was thanking the man and was so excited because he thought that the dog bisquit was for him. Yes, that's right. He was eating the milkbone. Only my son.....It gets better though.

I had bought some snausages for Emma and I had her sit and then praised her and gave her one. Benjamin starts jumping up and down saying, "Me!! Me Mommy, Me too!!!!!" I said, "No Benjamin, these are for dogs." Benjamin then dropped to his hands and knees and barks at me.

Here's another Benjamin and Emma story. I was in the kitchen doing dishes when I heard a noise. I turned around and there was my adorable 2 year old in all his glory---drinking out of Emma's water bowl. I cried out, "BENJAMIN NO!!!!" He then proceeded to turn around and growl at me.

Benjamin is great with Emma. He will get her dog treats and tell her to sit and lay down....and she listens to him. It's really neat watching them play together. Emma's a good girl. We are so blessed to have her.

Alrighty, I'm gonna get off of here. I'll try to put some more updates on here tonight.

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