Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debates

Hmmm.... I really don't get into politics on my blog. It's just not something that I do, but I'm sitting here watching the Presidential Debates and thinking, "What is happening to our country???" We have 2 presidential candidates that I don't like. I don't like Barack Obama and I don't like John McCain. But my question is who is the less of the two evils? John McCain is talking about accountability and how in his cabinet there will be accountability. Obama responds with, "Yes, there needs to be accountability but not just in times of crisis...." I can't type as fast as they are talking. bummer. McCain has a fundamental belief in the United States of America and under the right leadership our best days are ahead of us.

McCain---get spending under control. It's completely out of control in Washington. (I think Dave Ramsey would say, "It's this simple, SPEND LESS THAN WE MAKE!!!!")

****side note***WHAT???? We spent 3 million dollars on DNA research on bears in Montana??? WHAT?!?!?! Are you kidding me? Can someone tell me why?

Obama---McCain is right, earmark spending has been abused. Tax cut for 95% of working families. Hmmm...interesting. Do I like that?

I do find it kinda funny that McCain won't respond directly to Obama.

Hmmm....where will November lead us?

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Stephanie Balvin said...

I have to agree I don't really like either choice as well. When there are so many things I don't like, I always resort to one thing that's important to me and that is the value of life. Obama is so liberal when it comes to abortion. He thinks it's ok at anytime through the pregnancy (up to delivery). Now, I realize this should not be my only reason for a choice, but if someone (a father) believes this horrifying act is ok, what else will he think it morally ok.

I'm with you, I try to stay out of the political circle, but it's difficult to not get sucked in right now, I can't wait til November is over! I love the new look to your blo, how did you do it!?