Monday, May 07, 2007

My Girls...

I am so proud of my smartty pants girls! They have been accepted into the M.A.P. class for next year. They will be in the same class together. I think it will be great for Haeley to have a little healthy competition from her little sister. Haeley has a field trip coming up next week. The 3rd grade class gets to stay overnight at the zoo! Hopefully Haeley will not bring home any bad grades over the next week and she'll be able to go. With it being the end of the year she has started slacking off. Brad and I told her if she doesn't straighten up then NO ZOO trip. I don't want to see that taken from her. More info to come on the M.A.P. class later. We have an information meeting on the 15th. I'll fill in all the details later. =)

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Anonymous said...

i am the proudest aunt EVER!!!!! i don't know what M.A.P. is, but it sounds HIGHLY sophsicated and intelligent!!!! 2 things auntbob still hasn't mastered. :)

tell them i love them!!!!