Monday, July 30, 2007

Car "Wash"

Benjamin can be so helpful---most of the time. He likes to throw things away, including his sippy cup and whatever else he can find. I think that is where my bluetooth wound up. The other day he decided I wasn't doing a good enough job washing toys and dishes so he decided to help. Unknown to me, Benjamin put some cars, spoons and other toys in the toilet. My darling Jasmine fished all this out of the toilet.

All but one truck. One truck. One truck that clogged the toilet. And not just clogged it, but clogged it after someone had "done their business". Oh, and this was the guest bathroom. When did I discover this? Right before I left Saturday night to meet Brad. Right when I was showing a couple from our church how I had re-decorated the bathroom. Fun. I tried to plunge the toilet. No luck. I cleaned up the floor and declared the bathroom "out of order".

Yesterday we attacked the toilet. Brad had to take the thing off the floor and outside before we could get the truck out. Brad tried using the snake and we couldn't get it. He tried putting his hand in. He could touch it, but couldn't get it. I tried putting my hand in. I had no luck period. Brad tried again and a "rock" came out. But it wasn't a rock. Brad discovered that after he picked it up. EWWW!!!! Then Jasmine came out and we bribed her to see if she could get the truck. Jasmine saved the day.

The truck is out. The toilet is unclogged, but not in use yet. Hopefully tonight we will have a fully functional toilet again.

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