Monday, July 09, 2007

Not again......

Since Justin turned 3 in December he has been sitting with us in the evening service at church. Some nights are better than others, but we manage. So last night Justin had no desire to be in church. He wanted to go to Cubbies, but Cubbies is over. We are sitting there and he's not listening and Brad took him out to give him some "attention." I had to get up and close the double doors because the bathrooms echo and everyone could hear Justin protesting loudly. They came back in and Justin sat down with me. After all of 2 minutes he wanted to start getting up and not sitting and listening....Brad was running the sound and we were sitting in front of him. He came over and put his hand on Justin's shoulder to guide him back to the sound booth. Thinking he was going to get some more "attention" Justin says "Oh, not again!"
I laughed quietly.

As the service was ending the plates were passed for the tithe and offering---usual stuff. Then, Justin picked up Gabe's baseball cap and starts passing it down the pew telling everyone, "Put your money in here for me."

As he already is passing the "plate" it leads me to this question....Will I have a Preacher or a Comedian?

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