Friday, July 20, 2007

This all happened on Tuesday, July 17.

Haeley was spending the night at her friends house. WHOO HOO!!! I was sleepy that morning and was catnapping on the couch when I decided I needed to get up and get myself awake and ready. SO the other four kids were watching a movie I figured I could run upstairs, get dressed, throw my makeup on and all that jazz. Apparently Justin had other ideas. I had not been upstairs for 10 minutes when Gabe came in the room.

"Mommy, Justin dumped powder in the playroom. And he pooped behind the couch and I think he peed on the floor too."

I wanted to scream, cry, throw something---you name it I wanted to do it.

I went downstairs and sure enough, Justin had dumped a whole container of powder on the floor. He had pooped behind the couch and peed behind the couch. BUT he had also dumped a good 3-4 bottles of water on the floor. There was a trail of water from the front bathroom into the playroom. I was so mad!!!! I popped his bottom and sent him to his room. Then I cleaned up the poop and pee and went outside to cool off for a couple minutes.

When I came back in the house Justin was screaming his head off. He put toothpaste on his penis. AND in case you didn't know this, toothpaste on a penis burns. As terrible as this sounds, I felt strangely vindicated by the fact that he was in pain. I even laughed inside. I'm a bad mom.

So I got him cleaned up and we all loaded up in the truck to go get some lunch because I needed out of the house. I figured the rest of the mess could wait till I got back. I drove till the boys fell asleep and then carried them in and laid them down after we got home. Benjamin just had on his diaper and a t-shirt. Yes, that is an important piece of info.

The boys are sleeping and I *finally* got the playroom cleaned. I just needed to run my steam cleaner. And of course things can't be easy. I couldn't find the piece I needed to allow me to not use the hose but the regular upright way. (I hope that made sense.) I had all the kids helping me look for the piece. Justin came downstairs and says,
"Mommy, I found Benjamin and he has lots of poopies."

I thought, "OH NO!!!!" I ran upstairs into Benjamin's room and there he sat in all his glory. Poop painted on his legs, on the crib, the wall, and the floor too. I don't think he went back to sleep after I laid him down because I actually had to soak him in water before I was able to scrub all the nastiness off of him.

It then took me another 30 minutes to clean his room. And to make matters worse I still can't find the piece to my steam cleaner or my bluetooth.


auntbob said...

just don't use your bluetooth in the steamcleaner...

deep breath... in and out... it is all gonna be...OHHHH-KAAAAAAY!!! cause you're gonna be here soooooon, and i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ainsley said...

Oh, Mel. I feel for you=)

Shelly said...

I feel your pain oh so well!