Friday, July 27, 2007

Crib to Floor....

Making the transition from the crib to the “big boy” bed is something that saddens me deeply with Benjamin. Knowing that he is my last baby I feel like the longer he is in the crib then the longer he is still my baby. Yes, I know strange, but so true. I’ve been very hesitant about this whole endeavor until yesterday.

Justin was up and I was lying on the couch downstairs. I was tired and my head hurt. I heard Justin go upstairs and then I heard him playing with Benjamin. Not a big deal. Benjamin was still in his crib and I was cool with that. Apparently they had other ideas. I heard this loud THUMP followed by cries. I ran up the stairs and there was Justin and Benjamin on the floor. Justin (44 lbs) stood on top of this milk crate thing and I’m guessing as soon as Benjamin (34 lbs) cleared the crib rail they both went down.

I of course overreacted. No one was hurt and my brain failed to realize that Justin was scared of what had happened. Stupid me. He ran and hid behind the chair in Benjamin’s room and was crying. So, I had to pull him out and love on him and let him know that I wasn’t mad; I was just scared that they could have gotten hurt.

Which leads me on to say….I’m looking for a toddler bed or something to get Benjamin closer to the floor and prevent my “little helper” from getting himself or his little brother hurt. =)

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