Friday, February 20, 2009


Laugh if you must, but I think that I could possibly be the poster child for ADD. Or rather the poster adult. I start a blog and then get distracted and stop. I'm not a good blogger. I'm definitely not a professional blogger. I always plan on coming back and finishing but rarely do I actually make it. Take right now for example. My distraction is Facebook. I'm playing Scrabble against two friends and another against my brother and so I keep stopping while I'm writing this very blog to go and play Scrabble. I will be VERY surprised if I finish this and post it. It will be a miracle. Maybe if I could just record my ramblings and then put them onto the computer and it would type it out for me I would be a better blogger. But then again...I don't know if you really want to hear or read my ramblings. I'm not sure If I would want to read my own ramblings. :)

And as it turns out...I didn't finish typing this out Friday night. It is now Sunday morning and I am home. Benjamin is sick. I thought he had croup, but I'm not so sure now. He didn't wake up last night with the seal bark. Praise God! But I didn't sleep well---more than likely I was anxiously awaiting for him to wake up which is why I could sleep. He didn't wake up with a fever this morning, but his cough sounds like he is going to throw up. We may be heading to see Dr. Hensley tomorrow. My poor little guy.

The foyer floor looks great and so does the front bathroom! And the front closet! Brad put the shelves in the closet yesterday and I now have it set up like a real closet! YAY! I do think I need to get a Swiffer or something to go in the front closet to make cleaning that floor a little easier. That may be on the shopping list for this week. Along with some containers for the closet. I want one for hats, one for gloves, and one for the scarves. I also need to get some hand towels for the front bathroom and a couple shelves to put up. And a new trashcan. And I can't forget the groceries. I need to make sure I leave enough moolah for groceries. ;)

School is going pretty good. Some days are DEFINITELY better than others. I've worked up a daily schedule and I'm trying to be better about sticking to it. I think Justin will do really well if I give him more structure to his day. I know that all of these changes start with me. I've got to be a bit more organized to make all this work. Mondays are kinda are errand days. We have gymnastics at 11 for the girls and then we have to be back to the gym at 6 for Justin's gymnastics and Gabe's Karate. I try to do whatever errands we need to on Monday's since the day is so broken up. I was talking with Brad's aunt last week and she gave me a great idea (why I didn't think of it, I'll never know!). She said that while we are out an about I can have the kids watch their DVD's on the portable players. If there is a place that they can write then they can do some of their work, if not they can watch and then do their work once we make it home. I think I will definitely have to get that going some.

I need to sign off of here and get some stuff done on this house--and cuddle with my little guy. Sorry it has taken me so long to post! :)

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