Friday, May 08, 2009

Busy Bee

It has been quite a week here. Mondays are always my busy day. We start with gymnastics at 11 and then whatever errands need to be done we do that and then we have gymnastics and karate again at 6:30. This past Monday was busier than usual though. Sunday night Gabe got his fingers smashed in a door at church. By Monday morning he was still having pain and didn't have a whole lot of feeling in his fingers either. So we added a doctor appointment to the to do list. Our schedule went a little something like this:

12-Lunch and drop off bag and VBS materials with Sarah
1:10 Doctor appointment for Gabe then home
2ish School
5 Supper
6:30 Gymnastics/Karate
7:45 Meet Pastor to give CD of sermon

All things considered it was going to be a full day. Brad also had to leave that afternoon for a business trip in VA. We got through the doctor appointment. Gabe had some blood built up underneath his index finger nail and our doctor had to burn a hole in his nail to let it drain. He instantly felt better. As we were leaving I decided that I wanted a cup of coffee. We headed towards Starby's and we were a stop light away from our pediatrician's office. We were stopped and the light turned green. Traffic was moving to the left and right of us, but our lane hadn't started moving. It was about that time I felt a jolt and the truck lurched. It took a second for it to register that we had just been rear ended. The man came up and apologize and we moved off of the road and onto the shoulder.

I immediately started shaking and getting nervous. I could feel some pain in my back, but my concern turned to the kids. Justin and Jasmine bonked heads, but besides that they were all okay. Their bellies hurt and they were all a little shook up and scared. I tried calling Brad, but his flight had just taken off. I called 911 and they went through the line of questions about the accident. They wanted to know if there were any passengers and I said, "Yes, I have my 5 children with me, but they are okay." That part didn't matter (and I'm thankful for that too). They sent a fire truck, ambulance, rescue truck, and 2 police cars. All was well with the kids and I had signed a waiver refusing medical treatment at the scene. We got squared away and the officer poked his head in the window to tell the kids he was glad he was okay. That was Justin's que...he says, "Do you think you could show us how you fire off your gun?" The officer didn't hear and wanted to know what he said. I reluctantly relayed the question. He laughed and said, "I think I might get in trouble for that....I don't think I've been asked that before." I said, "That's because you have met my kids before!"

We were able then to leave and I decided I was really going to go after that cup of coffee now! I deserved it! The bumper on the truck is dented and we have an appointment this Monday for an estimate. Once we were home I took some Motrin because I was really feeling some pain in my back. I got a hold of brad and let him know that we were all okay but told him what happened. Then we just hung out for a little bit. The kids played outside until it was time for supper. Then off to gymnastics and karate. I threw in a trip to the Christian Supply Center so I could get Chonda Pierce's new dvd "This Ain't Prettyville". Then we met our pastor and I gave him the cd and we were homeward bound. Unfortunately both the little boys fell asleep on the way and I had to carry them in the house. Ugh! I got the kids to bed and then I tried to settle down.

I was tired...and the evening just went downhill from there. From strange noises at the door and a growling seeing things...then finally drifting to sleep and awaking for an unknown little cuddle bugs visiting and not wanting to go back to sleep but talk...but to then finally find sleep only to have the husband's alarm clock awake me (and remember the husband was gone). It was a long night.

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