Monday, May 04, 2009

Sonshine Soccer

My little man has started playing soccer. He's doing great! He loves it and this past Saturday he scored 5 goals!! I'm so proud of him. He's enjoying making new friends. It does however make our Saturday's even busier than ever. His soccer game starts at 9 and then Gabe's Karate is at 10:15. We have to drive separately and Brad leaves a little early to get Gabe to Karate.

I love watching all the little kids play. He gets right in and knows what he's doing playing the game. He gets so excited and a little embarrassed when he scores a goal. It's funny. And he keeps track of how many goals he's made. The game before last he made 2 but came close on quite a few others. He said as we were leaving, "I only got 2 goals today, but I came really close on a lot didn't I?" I love watching him progress weekly and truly enjoy himself.

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