Friday, May 08, 2009

So after all that...

Tuesday I awoke and was really sore. I wound up going into the doctor and she said that I indeed had whiplash. My neck, shoulders, and back were really tight and hard. It was not pleasant. She prescribed some muscle relaxers but said I couldn't take them until Brad got home. I hadn't planned on taking them till he was home though. We hit CVS on our way home and got the meds and a couple other things. Once we got home we did some school and then it was time for supper so we could leave for soccer practice. Soccer was good---Justin had fun and then I needed a pick me up to get through the rest of the evening. Got my pick me up,went home, put the babies to bed, and then headed to bed myself. Wednesday was somewhat of a quieter day and Brad got home!! The girls and I got a ton of laundry folded and put away! YAY!

Thursday we laid low and had a bit of a relaxing day. I made pizzas and brownies for supper. The girls played at their friends house and Brad cut the grass. So we put the kids to bed and we were watching "Transformers". The kids had been in bed for a little over an hour. Justin came to the top of the stairs and said, "I'm scared." Brad turned the TV off and simply put his arms out for Justin. The little guy came running down the stairs and jumped into his Daddy's arms. Brad just held him ... Read Moreand let him talk about his fears. He then reassured him that everything was okay and carried him back up to his bed. I just sat there watching as my little five year old needed to feel that safety and security in his Daddy's arms. It was a special moment.

Today has been a little busy...breakfast at iHop, Target, Starbucks, home, lunch, school, laundry, kitchen clean up..supper fixing...the usual...and now it's time for bed. G'nite!

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