Thursday, May 28, 2009


We are in Virginia Beach for the next couple weeks!!! YAY! Although, I miss Brad terribly. No "yay" on that one. I love getting to visit with family, but being away from Brad is hard. The weather is beautiful! Couldn't ask for prettier days. Last night we went out with Jenn to Tijuana Flats. It was my first time eating there. It was pretty good---not what I was expecting though. I didn't realize that it was a fast food type Mexican. I have to admit, though, Los Rancheros still wins hands down on the flautas. ;-)

The kids have been doing pretty good. Unfortunately they have gotten into some sort of poison something or another...It's either poison ivy, oak, or sumac. Matthew has it really bad. He wound up in the doctor yesterday for it. His back looked like one big hive. He's got it on his belly, and face too. Gabe has it pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as Matthew. Justin's got it too (a lovely spot on his rear end), and Haeley also has it. So far, Jasmine, Cullin, and Benjamin seem to be in the clear. I pray that it stays that way! Not the way I want to spend this vacation...

Oh! When we were driving out here the fog had gotten really bad. It was dark and foggy and I was getting real nervous as I was driving. I started praying and telling God how nervous I was. I prayed that the fog would be lifted and the way made clear for us. I kid you not, the fog immediately lifted. God is so good!

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