Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roller Coaster

Anyone that’s been on a roller coaster understands the adrenaline rush that comes from that initial slow climb before the first drop. I remember this time when I went to Busch Gardens with my best friend and her dad. We were going to ride the Alpengeist and I was scared to death! Amanda sat on one side of me and her dad on the other side. As we started that climb, they began to tease me because of how scared I was. That initial climb is so slow and even though I knew what was coming was going to be exhilarating I still couldn’t keep from being somewhat scared. I was putting all of my trust in the engineers that built that massive ride to keep me safe. I was counting on that harness to stay locked and keep me from slipping out of the seat. In the end, I made it through just fine and loved every minute---except that initial climb of uncertainty. I'll never love the initial uncertainty, but that's where faith comes in right?

It's not the type of roller coaster at an amusement park I'm talking about here. It's the roller coaster of life. Sometimes I feel like I am starting up that initial climb and instead of making it to the end I wind up suspended upside down in a looptie-loop hanging on to the harness for dear life. In real life it's not the engineers I have to put my faith in but Christ. I know that He will see me through to the very end. Even if I do get stuck upside down for a while, knowing it's HIS harness that is keeping me safe is far more comforting than the thought of some engineer putting something together. I know the harness has been tested time and time again, but men sometimes fail us and Christ will never fail us.

Here lately life has been a bit of a roller coaster. There have been many times when I thought I made it to the end only to jump back on and go through the ride all over again! I wish that I could be more telling of this roller coaster ride, but as of right now "Mum's the word". I pray that Brad and I would be sensitive to His will in our lives and not our will. It's in His plan that we find perfection. I'm so thankful for His provision and the gift of discernment in our future endeavors. :)

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