Monday, May 03, 2010


Sleep, oh how I miss thee. This remodeling of the bathroom is going to kill me!! We’ve been staying up so late working on it and the kids do not care---they get up ever earlier than normal when I haven’t slept!!! What’s up with that???

We didn’t get too much done on the bathroom yesterday. Sundays are always busy days and yesterday was no exception. We had a lunch after church with the pastor search committee and their families and had a WONDERFUL time of fellowship with them all. Brad made the mistake of telling the kids that Golden Corral was an all you can eat ice cream place. We had a room to ourselves and as I was eating the kids snuck out and got some *major* dessert! Apparently I was craving carbs yesterday. When I got back to the table I had: salad (yay me), sweet potato, potato ‘fries’, mashed potatoes, and teriyaki chicken. It was yummy, but oh my.

After lunch we came home and chilled for a little bit before heading back to church for the Lord’s Supper. I had nursery last night so the little ones were under my control! MUAHAHAHA! Then I dropped Brad off at Lowes and went to Jimmy Johns to get dinner. Brad asked me when I dropped him off, “Do you have your check card?” Of course I had my check card. I got Jimmy Johns, ordered the subs, pulled out my wallet and found my check card was not in my wallet. ACK! I knew then my check card was at home so I went to Lowes, found Brad, admitted I was wrong, got HIS check card, then went back to Jimmy Johns.

We did find out that the price of the tile we bought on Wednesday has now dropped 34 cents. I’m going to go back to Lowes today and get a price adjustment. We should get back around $30! Today I have to finish stripping the wall paper in the bathroom (I was too tired to finish it last night). We also have a creek excursion to go on today. I promised Jasmine that we would go down to the creek so they could look for tadpoles. :) Have a happy Monday!

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