Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Benjamin's 2!!!

Benjamin turned 2 August 12, 2007. It was a bittersweet day for me. I think the first birthdays are hard, but they are still a baby. At 2, Benjamin is walking, talking, eating big boy food and drinking out of sippy cups and all around a little boy. His favorite toys are cars. He LOVES cars. Benjamin sleeps in a cars bed and usually has both of his blankies pulled up to his chin and a car in each hand. He brings such joy into our lives. He is not as wild as Justin was and I pray that is a sign of what is to come. He is very observant and doesn’t like the question, “Do you need a spank?” He immediately grabs his diaper and says, “No Maeee. No spank.” Other people can understand what he is saying or trying to say. He is my baby. He is my cuddle monkey. He will come and crawl up in my lap and just sit with me. I eat it up every time.

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