Saturday, May 17, 2008

Speedy Gonzales visits....

Well, today was a very busy and eventful day! We got up and headed to church for praise team practice. That lasted about an hour and then we had a couple errands we had to run. We did that, got home and Brad cut the grass while I picked up inside. Then one of the little girls came over to apologize and we visited with them for a little bit. After they left we got the boys down for thier naps and then Brad had to leave to start getting stuff set up for the church picnic thing we had going on. Brad took Haeley and Gabe with him. Jasmine had to work on her science project. Justin woke up and then I had to wake up Benjamin so that we could get on the road. We had to run to Kroger and pick up some potato salad and beans.

I was mentally running through the list of things I had to get when I checked my rear view mirror and saw red and blue flashing lights. I glanced down at my speed and I knew. I quickly pulled to the side, rolled my window down and tried to remain composed. The officer came to the window and said, "Ma'am I need your license registration." I thought, "Crap...I'm not even getting the option of a warning...he's gonna give me a ticket." He asked me if there was a particular reason why I was going over the speed limit. I was honest with him---I said, "I was on my way to the grocery to pick up some stuff for our church picnic and honest to goodness I just wasn't paying attention." I was going 50 in a 40...We have to pay $150. I was/am so upset. I have *never* gotten a speeding ticket---not to say I haven't deserved one. But it was just un-nerving. Brad didn't realize how upset I was. As much as this bugs and upsets me I know that it will make me more cautious in the future. Oh I should mention that Benjamin didn't want to stop talking about the 'powleece man'....and Justin feels it's up to him to tell everyone as well. Great.


Anonymous said...

so glad you're blogging more often. i am SOOOOO sorry about the "punks" at school. what a terrible thing to endure, watching your little girl suffer. i have 1/2 a voice back so i'll call you on Monday and we'll reschedule our breakfast... I WANT WAFFLES!!!!

jenn schreck said...

hahaha!!!! SPEEDY MCSPEEDERSON!!!!! I love you! and i'm sorry you got a ticket. that's how i felt when i got the ticket for driving mom and pops' car when their tags had expired... remember THAT horrible nightmare?!?!?! good GOSH that was ridiculous!!!! and it haunted me for like 4 stupid yeaaaaaaars!!!!!!!!! at least yours won't be that bad! (knock on wood!)

i love benjamin for talking about the "powleece man" (that's tooooo funny!) and justin for telling everyone. you gotta love those kids... :) :) :)