Friday, May 16, 2008

Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

Open mouth insert foot. I feel somewhat stupid. I called Brad today and asked him if I could go to Kohls and get the waffle maker that I had been wanting. He immediately shut me down and I was crushed. Not just that, I had kinda planned on having bacon, eggs, and waffles for dinner tonight. I didn't want to do pancakes because I wanted something different. So back to the drawing board. Brad called and told me to order something for dinner tonight because he still had to stop at the grocery and he was going to be a little late from work.

I order Pizza Hut for dinner. We are anxiously awaiting our pizza. All of us are starving. I had told the kids that the pizza would get there around when Daddy got home. Well Daddy got home and still no pizza. He gave me the milk and peanut butter he bought and then had Justin give me a bag with 2 boxes of pancake mix. Then Brad gave me another bag...from Kohls. Yes, Brad went to Kohls and he bought me the Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker that I had been wanting. =) =)

And then the phone rang. It was Pizza Hut. Apparantly they don't deliver to my house. But wait, they've delivered here before. I told them that I would come and pick it up. I went outside frustrated and told Brad that I would be back. He told me to call and cancel the pizza and we would order from Papa Johns. I told him that would take at least another 1/2 hour and I would just go to Pizza Hut. He said, "No...cancel the pizza. We'll make waffles!"

I did just that. I called Pizza Hut and told them that I have 5 kids and I was not about to drive up there and pick up pizza that was supposed to be delivered. I canceled the pizza, made waffles and the kids were thrilled! Belgian waffles are so yummy. And I love my waffle maker!!!!

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jenn schreck said...

yaaaaaaaaay!!!!! good job bradley!!!!! :) :) :) you get the nice surprise award of the day!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

and now there's something ELSE my moe jo can make for me when i come out to see her!!!! :)