Sunday, May 25, 2008

****This is a bit disturbing****

Oh my, oh my. That's all I can think to say right now. Whenever you get any of the Smith brothers together 'disturbing' is probably the only way to describe it! ;) The drive was not too bad. We stopped in Charelston, WV and stayed the night. From there it was only 3 hours to Sue's house. Sue only thought that Brad, the kids and I were coming...little did she know Luke, Melissa and Kayla showed up Friday night. And then Saturday morning there was a knock at the door and Sue 'knew' that it was us....BUT, it wasn't!!!!! It was Dan, Summer and their three kids. I don't think that Sue will ever trust us again!

Saturday afternoon I took Benjamin to Dan and Summer's hotel so that we could get him, Dory, and Reese to take a nap. We had a breakthrough moment---Benjamin ate a chicken nugget from Chic-fil-a!!! I was so excited...Benjamin doesn't eat meat. The only meat (if you can call it that) he will eat are hotdogs. And you can't be guaranteed that he will eat those. And then Monday morning when we had breakfast he actually ate a corn dog type thing---sausage and pancake on a stick---and he ate the sausage too!! Now yes I know that the sausage is a lot like a hot dog BUT he normally won't even eat breakfast sausage.

We went to Brad's cousin, Lois and her husband Mark's house for a barbeque Saturday night. She has a beautiful piece of property and an assortment of animals that the kids were able to play with. Sue's brother Randy came out also and we got to talk and visit with him too! We had a great time of fun and play. =) The kids played with the chickens, pet the goat, and watched the cows chase the billy goats too. They ran and ran and ran that evening. When we left Justin was alseep before we had been gone for 5 minutes. They all slept great that night!

Sunday morning Melissa, Sue, and I went to downtown Roanoke to market street. It was really cool. Roanoke has a ton of old buildings and it was just beautiful. There weren't as many vendors out as usual but it was still neat. We did get some homemade soaps. Mine is a lemon scented soap. It smells like the candy Lemon Heads. :) There were so many cool shops. We wanted to go to the bakery but it was closed on Sundays. After that we headed to the flea market and looked around at some stuff. There wasn't anything there that interested me and all of us were getting a little tired of walking so we headed out to the final destination---Wal-Mart. We picked up the groceries we needed then hit Starby's!!!! I was a little upset though because the barista made my Iced Carmel Macchiato wrong. You are supposed to layer the drink and he didn't. He mixed it all together and it's just not as good that way. I was going to take it back, but we had already been gone for quite some time and I didn't want to stay gone much longer.

Melissa and I made a yummy pasta salad (compliments of Dacia's recipes) and then sat down to relax with our computers for awhile. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed my laptop until this past weekend. I was able to download a bunch of stuff at Sue's house and I have greatly increased my iTunes library. It was mainly with free podcasts but still, you take advantage of that high speed while you have it. (side note: Brad likes high speed too. In fact, he got to talk to a VA state trooper about it. We are now a 2 ticket family!) Brad, Dan, and Luke went to the movies Saturday night and the kids got their baths and watched the "Bee Movie". Melissa and I wound up staying up until 2:30 talking.

SO, here we are driving back to Indiana and the kids aren't doing too bad right now. we've had a couple stops along the way but overall we are making good time.

While I'm thinking of it I will tell you of a couple "funnies" from the kids:

Brad says to Justin, "Hi there sleepy head." Justin says, "Don't call names Daddy. Mommy will put vinegar in your mouth."

Friday night in the hotel room Benjamin had his bug jammies on. He was laying in the bed and started to giggle. He pulled his feet out from under the covers and put his legs up in the air while wiggling his toes and saying, "Look at my lady bugs!!! I got lady bugs!!!" We think he was referring to his toes as his lady bugs. He's so funny!

Haeley was very concerned about the size of Sue's house. Haeley knew that Luke and Dan and their families were going to be at Sue's and wanted to make sure that Sue didn't have a trailer anymore because there wouldn't be enough room for all of us.

.....I'm sure there are more and as I think of them I will add them. :) I hope everyone has had a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend!


Anonymous said...

i need your number AGAIN... i lost it. call me

jenn schreck said...

awww... little lady bugs and vinegar... classic!!! :)