Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Little Punks

Just when I start to doubt home schooling I'm faced with something that confirms in my heart and spirit that home school is the right choice for my family. This evening as I was making dinner, Jasmine told me that some girls at school were being mean to Haeley again. About a month ago I found out that there were some girls that were making fun of Haeley because when she gets really mad she cries. I was so upset and I gave the girls some 'coping mechanisms'.

Apparently today while Haeley was in another class 3 girls took her water bottle off of her table space. Then they put rubber cement on the top of it. Wiped it off. Took it into the bathroom and dropped it into the toilet, pulled it out and 'cleaned' it off. Then they dropped it in the trashcan. After that they put it back on her table space and waited for her to come back to class. She came back and took a drink and then they told her what they had done.

I am so furious. I'm calling the teacher 1st thing in the morning. I'm not putting up with kids treating my children this way. I'm very angry though and I'm trying to sort through my anger because I know that I need to keep my focus on Christ in all of this. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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jenn schreck said...

what the CRAP!?!??!?!?!? i'm coming over there!!!!!

"i know where you live, and i've seen where you sleep!!!!! i promise your mothers will CRRRRRRRY when they see what i've done to you!!!!!!!"


SEEEEERIously?!?!?!??! what the CRAP!!!! this is UNacceptable!!!!!! teach haeley some ninja karate!!!! that'll show those girls!!!