Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Love Languages

I decided yesterday after another day of me practically pulling my hair out with the sibling rivalry (I put Gabe and Justin in a time out from each other that lasted for a good 5 hours) that I would browse my "Five Love Languages for Kids" book. Oh how I'm glad that I did. I gave all the kids (except Benjamin) the assessment to see what their love language was. It was interesting and enlightening all at the same time! We've been having problems with Justin and his anger for quite some time now and there was a whole chapter devoted to "Love and Anger". I sat out in the garage with Brad last night as he worked on the engine for the Comet and I read the chapter aloud. The book had A LOT to say and it opened mine and Brad's eyes up a bunch on dealing with Justin. I'm hoping that the sleepover will help to alleviate some of the tension that has been building up between the kids.

Justin's primary love language is quality time so I sat down with him yesterday and we played Go Fish and then Memory. And let me tell you---that kid has got a MEMORY on him!!! My word! It was a little embarrassing for me as my 5 year old was kicking my tail on memory. He's good. He loved it though. After we were done, my sweet Haeley wanted to know if Justin wanted to play with her and he ate it up! I loved watching them play together and get along. As the evening went on though, I was noticing a little bit of a sadness in Gabe. I pulled him on the couch and we talked about the day and the way the boys had been talking to each other. He and Justin were missing each other and they apologized for the way they were treating one another. After that, all was well in the Smith household. We then had 5 little "puppies"...they were acting out the parts of the "Buddies" from "Space Buddies" and all the other "Buddy" movies. I love my babies!

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