Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slacker Alert

I'm such a slacker. I will freely admit it. I've not posted on here in over a week! What's wrong with me?!?!? Last Friday the girls and I went to see Natalie Grant, Chris Sligh, and Meredith Andrews in concert. Oh. my. word. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! We were about 4 rows from the stage. Got some great pics! Meredith Andrews has got such a beautiful voice and a heart for the Lord--and she's from NC. =) I've already bought her CD. Chris Sligh is fantastic. Seriously. He is a trip and then some. The girls got a kick out of him. They didn't leave singing any of his "serious" songs...they left singing, "Rock stars need money...they can't live on bologna sandwiches..." He really has a great voice and is an awesome songwriter too. Now onto my favorite.

Natalie Grant.

Oh. My. Word.

I know that I'm gushing here, but she so deserves it! I love Natalie Grant. Love her. Jenn introduced me to her years ago. She has such a beautiful voice. She's a very real person. I've been to concerts before where the performers where just that---performers. But that's not how it was at this concert. Natalie came out before each set and introduced the artists. She shared from her heart and shared some about her journey. We had to leave a little early because Haeley was tired and her ears were hurting. I went out with Haeley and then I got Jas and we all stayed in the back for the rest of the show. What I didn't realize was when we left it wasn't over. She did an encore and sang, "In Christ Alone". I was disappointed when I found out we missed it. Oh well, can't do anything about that now.

More later...gotta run.

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