Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another week of school

We’ve got another week of school down. I have the grade book completely set up and I have all tests and work graded from this past week!! This weekend I will set up some more lesson plans and figure out some crafts to do with the kids over the next week. Justin said that he really wants to do some crafts, so I’ll have to see what I can come up with.

I am anxious for the close of our houses! The picture above will be the new school room. The older kiddos will sit at the counter and then I will have my little table for Justin and Benjamin. I have so many plans for that room---and the whole house for that matter. I am so thankful for being here at Mom and Dad’s but I’m looking forward to getting our stuff out of storage and settling back into our routine.

It’s now officially 13 days till closing on our house in VA. The official day for us to close in IN is the 31st, but we may close early if everything can be pulled together. I would LOVE to close early. Brad and I are already planning the new kitchen. We have a rough floor plan mocked up and have been cabinet and countertop shopping. We still have to figure all of that out, but it’s neat getting to design my kitchen. :D :D

We are going to try out some a new church this Sunday and we are hopeful that we will find our new church soon! I pray you have a great weekend!!!!

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