Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Captured by Grace Devotionals Day 2

 What Makes the Good News Good?


For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 3:23



Suppose a small town is given its first fire truck for the volunteer fire department.  It has everything: a great siren, shiny paint, plenty of pumping power, hundreds of feet of hose, and room for lots of ladders, equipment, and fire fighters.  The local paper announces the good news that the town now has its own fire truck, but there is little public response—the reason being that the town hadn’t had a fire in fifty years.


Fire trucks are only good news for people who have experienced the bad news of fire.  If fires are fading from people’s memories, then a new fire truck becomes a ho-hum event.  That’s the way it is with the good news of Jesus: The Gospel is only welcomed by those who believe in the bad news of sin.  If sin has ceased to be a relevant subject, the idea of salvation becomes irrelevant as well.  The Bible hasn’t stopped talking about sin, but many in our culture have.  Even some Christians are wondering if they really are sinners.  If your appreciation for the Gospel has become lukewarm, check the temperature of your views on sin.


The degree to which we embrace the good news of Jesus is a reflection of the degree to which we believe the bad news about sin.



We can only appreciate salvation when we recognize that we’re sinners.



Recommended Reading: Psalm 14:1-3


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