Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rationalize much?

I have a problem with rationalizing things. And Friday was no different. :) My conversation with my girlfriend Shelly went like this:

Me: I really need coffee.

Shelly: Okay...? (I think she was afraid to find what road my mind had taken me down this time)

Me: So I was thinking....I have to go to Goodwill and you see since Starbucks is only all of 20 seconds away that would be the smartest time to go. After all, by going then, I would be conserving our gas since I'm already going to be there. AND, with the state of our economy, it is actually very smart of me to go because I will be putting money into our economy---therefore, boosting our economic crisis. AND, Starbucks will boost my mood thus making me a happier Mommy for my kids. Right? ;)

Shelly: (laughing) You have to blog that.

So here I am several days later---and blogging it. I love my Starbucks. I do find whatever reasons I can think of to go. I do think though that if I get an Espresso machine that I will stay home more and then not waste...err spend our money. And then have a happier husband. Right?


Sarah R said...

You are your 5bucks! Haha. What's Brad say about the espresso machine?! :)

Melanie said...

He's not said much about the espresso machine--actually, I don't know if I've told him that I want one. :) I know I've told my mom and sis...